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Action style manga has gotten me to fall in LOVE with some series that I brushed off or didn't even bother to register, the main one being my now favorite BLEACH once I picked it up I couldn't put it down. I was enthralled such a series had never been experienced by my eyes prior and once I started there I checked out other series I never gave a shot and was proven wrong time and time again. Some of my favorites are air gear, rave master, soul eater and shaman king have proven to be fantastic action manga. Best of all, all the manga mentioned except for bleach are VASTLY different from their anime whether it be character development or key plot points or even how the fight ACTUALLY resolved. I love action manga and hope that I can continue my lovely path down an exhilarating road :3 Apologies I'm using the app and have yet found a way to link an entire card to a word however the original card/idea/challenge collection belongs to @simplyawkward so please go check them out for the original :D