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So as you guys know... SM Rookies is a very popular group of boys in the kpop scene. NCT U and newly debuting sub group, NCT 127, has members from SM Rookies.
Well, between my friends, a certain guy from SM Rookies has become a hot topic. Johnny. Sadly, SM hasn't debuted him yet but we're all hoping for the right time. Anyways, I was showing my sister a video of the SR15B 0701 dance practice and she told me, "You know, that guy in the white shirt used to go to our school..."


He was a "sunbae" as you would call it (just an older school mate) to my sister but her friend F (I won't say her full name) was close friends with Johnny. I guess he was in a specific friend group since most of my friends' older brothers knew him as well. I can't say the name of my school, but it's in the suburbs - about a 30 minute drive from Chicago.

How am I just finding out about this...

But really, I can't believe this guy who trained with EXO and is now working hard to pursue his happiness walked in the same halls as I do... I can't imagine how SOPA students feel - having so many idols go to school there.

Sometimes you really forget that idols are humans who all lived normal lives as well.

Let's all support NCT U & 127 and any future groups SM will debut! Hwaiting! ♡
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@JustinaNguyen Exactly! It kind of comes as a shock to think that someone so popular in media is a normal human being like us
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The real take home message here is that "idols" are just insanely talented normal people. They are not Gods or Property because we follow them or purchase their merchandise. They are people who deserve the same courtesy we ourselves expect from others.
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@lcr4562 you speak the truth 💯 I think seeing idols on stage with makeup and fans screaming their names it blurs our vision. We should see them as any other person who just happens to have amazing talent - which they got recognized for.
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nice dude
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Well I mean my cousin goes to Arcadia Highschool in California so 😂 Mark went there
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