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Hi I'm Jocelynn and I'm 14 turning 15 in December. First off I love anime cause it's there when I need a get away. I have two brothers. I love animals and children. My grandmother calls me the pied piper of animals and kids. I'm a pretty normal person but what I call normal others call crazy, weird, or they just say wtf man. Adults are easy to talk too but when it comes to kids my age I have trouble talking to them. I'm what my parents call a city/country girl. I choose my name because it is my middle name but the s isn't a part of my middle name. I am in love with the name Rhane (pronounced rain) Silver. And that is how j came up with rhanes because Rhane and RhaneSilver weren't available. So yeah... I'm doing the event.
Also if you looked at my camera roll you would find a lot of anime and not much of reality. @hikaymm