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Hello my fellow kpopers!! My name is Delilah, but you could just call me lilah! im 19 yrs old and im a photographer and love to dance! Im also Christian so god first! Ive been into K-music for about 5 years now. so enough about my personal side, let's talk about my musical interest!
so i'm a huge Dean and Crush fan! (my fave top 2 male singers!!!) and then I love me some Joo Young! (so sexy!) and Suran is my fave female singer! she's the bomb dot com (lol. aren't I so corny..) as far as rappers, Bobby from ikon is my top fave! (aint he sexy too! lol) and Jay park and Zico are the best as well!Hope you guys liked my card!
there was no derp faces harmed in the making of this card! lol I swear im done this time!.... or maybe... Tagging: @PassThesuga
i feel you on the god first thing. amen. and second you have amazing taste in kpop.
Nice to meet you! I feel about all of those rappers
jooyoung is sexy tho