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So embarking on the second day of the Fairytail challenge, for Magic Monday, my magic choice is: TAKEOVER MAGIC Users: Marijane, Elfman, Lisanna and Jenny In my opinion this magic is one of the coolest magic type ever. Dont get me wrong dragon slayer is wicked but i have a feeling a lot of people are going to use that so, with that in mind i choose this. Being able to completely (or even just an arm) change it at will. Look at how bad ads marijane gets when she takes over or how powerful elfman gets when he transforms.
Honorable mention: Celestial magic Main Users: Lucy heartfilia and Yukion Agria This would be my second favorite magic of all time. It is so cool how people can magically transfer other beings from other dimensions with just a key. In my opinion people understand the power of a celestial mage.