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2 months later I finally was on my way to Korea. I had alot of money saved up over the years but I made sure to get the right visas so I didn't have to worry about running out of money. After 3 months I'll have to re apply for another visa if I plan on staying longer. As of right now I just was thinking about seeing Mark. I got on the plane and was ready to see what kind of future held for me. *One long plane ride later* I got off the plane and walked to get my baggage. I was tired but it was day time so I had to stay up. I went and grabbed a taxi to my new place. The bonus of renting a place for 3 months is that everything is already there and I don't have to spend extra money to buy furniture. I got settled in and then thought I should text Mark. Me: What are you doing? I hadn't told mark I was coming I was going to go to surprise him. Mark: Just practicing now hbu? Me: I just got a new place and I'm gonna go check out the neighborhood. Mark: Why didn't you tell me you were moving? Me: Surprise I guess Mark: Have you moved on too? Me: Why that type of question? Mark: I just want to know. Me: Oh crap my phone battery is about to die, let me charge it and I'll text you back later. Mark: Ok I really did have my phone charged. I just wanted to surprise him with me showing up. The only thing was how was I going to get Into the building to surprise him? The easiest thing I thought was to buy food and deliver it to them. I didn't know if that would work or not but it was worth a try. "Hi I have a delivery." I said to the lady up front. "For who?" "I wasn't given a name just said to bring to the practice room." "Ok. Here's a pass make sure you drop it off on your way out." She handed me a card and then pointed towards the practice rooms. That was easy. I could tell which one they were in because of the music. I stood at the door waiting for a break in the music so they could hear me knock. After what felt like 10 mins there was silence. "Man I'm hungry" one of them said and I took my shot and knocked on the door. "Come in." I walked in. "Did someone say they were hungry?" I held up food and they all looked at me. "Who are you?" Junior asked "I'm a friend of Marks." I smiled looking at him. "(y/n) is it really you?" He said walking closer to me. "Yea Mark I came to see you and bring food for you guys." I handed the food off to Bambam and turned to face Mark when he engulfed me in a hug. "I've missed you." He said into my neck "Ive missed you too." "So this is the girl Mark hasn't gotten over." Jackson said causing Mark to quickly seperate from me. "Shut up Jackson." He was turning a light shade of pink. I figure I could make him not the only one embarrassed. "I haven't been able to get over Mark either so it works out." He quickly turned back to me and all the guys then oooh'd "JB I'll be back." Mark said grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the room. "Oh things are bout to get interesting. " Youngjae said as the door shut. He pulled me into a seperate room. "(y/n) why did you come here?" He walked in a bit more and I leaned against the wall. "I wanted to see you after....well the interview 2 months ago." "I can't be with you though." "I know that. But I figured we could still be in each others lives. " "How do you think that will happen?" "Friends." "Really friends. How do you think I'll be able to handle that!" He turned and was walking closer to me. "We were friends after our break up." "But that was easy we weren't near each other. How am I suppose to act when I see you...." He was super close to me I could feel his breath on my face. "Mark..." I whispered since I couldn't think properly. I looked at his lips, I really wanted to kiss them. "We....aren't allowed together....and friends might not be a good idea." He said backing away. "Mark do you want me to go back? Is it easier not being around me? If so fine I'll go back. I just thought after hearing you say you still cared about me...I thought it be smart for me to be near you...incase you ever could date." I looked down. This wasn't what I was expecting at all. I thought he would be happy and want me around. I thought wrong. "(y/n)" "No I get it. I won't bother you while I'm here. Just pretend I'm not here." I started to walk towards the door. "(y/n) just wait a minute." "You know Mark I was stupid....why think for a second that you were telling the truth on that interview." I quickly walked out and went to the desk and gave the girl the pass back. I stopped and grabbed food before I went home. Even though it wasn't super late after I ate I fell asleep. I was tired and over today. I came to Korea for a dumb reason and now I'm here for 3 months. That's ok I can make some friends and move on. Something I should have done a long time ago.
Sooooo what do you think???? Is Mark trying to protect himself? Or was he really lying? Hmm what is going to happen in the next chapter?
awww schitt!! It IS getting interesting! hmmmmm
so interesting! omg his reaction to her 😢. can't wait for the next!