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I'm sorry for this being late. I just started back at work and lately I haven't had any energy to kept my eyes open to work on the games. However I will do my best to have the games ready in advance. So i hope you enjoy and I haven't had much lick with part 2. I'll try and figure it out this week.
You had a long day and you went straight to bed. As you went into deep sleep figures started to appear in your dreams. The first person that showed up first was?
He grabbed you arm whining as if you were close.
He was whining about this one.
He grabbed you other arm asking you to ask you opinion about something.
Before you could answer he ripped you out of the other twos grasp saying he wanted you attention too.
These two started to fight over you and you tried to stop the fight. (two screenshots please)
He put his foot down and asked everyone to stop being rude to you.
You blushed when he hugged you to apologized for his rude behavior.
You woke up thinking that it was just a dream until you phone rang showing his picture.
You started to think that you were still dreaming until he was laying next to you.
There you guys go for game 7 hope you all enjoy and don't forget to tag me in you results! Don't be shy if you want to make you results into a short story!
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