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I don't this that much but when I first saw the news about this I just had to say something. This is my bias group and I can't let it slide so here it goes. This is one of my favorite BTS songs and they're threating to take it down because of the lyrics? There is nothing wrong with the lyrics. All they are saying is the girl is perfect, everything about her is perfect and they can't keep away, which is like every guy on the planet when they see a girl they really like. Whatever Army's are saying that it needs to go because of the lyrics needs to be quiet because there is nothing wrong with it, there's just something wrong with them(so called Army's). I know it's not just some of the Army's it's other people to but the people that claim to be Army's need to be on BTS's side. Okay I'm done.... I want to say more but it wouldn't be appropriate for the internet.
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it's so ridiculous! specially when you read some of the girl groups lyrics talking about sex and actually are very sexual on stage so? I don't get it
I don't get it either. I don't think I will ever get it. It just doesn't make since why they gotta be hating on BTS.
They better not
@SaraHanna I agree on the Tae and his tongue thing... Too hot to handle...
this was the first MV I watched that got me into bts and I will be damned if they take it away 😡😠