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For the past couple of years sea salt spray is the essence of beachy waves and summer hair. A spritz of this goodness wills give your hair a mermaid texture (with the help of a tousle). Recently, sugar spray has been marketed as the better alternative to reduce summer damage.
So, is it true sea salt spray can cause damage to your hair? Here's the truth. Too much good stuff is always bad for you. Sea salt spray is essentially a drying agent for your strands. Water molecules are attracted to salt. Which means when salt makes contact with your hair, your it will pull the moisture out. Thus, when your strand is dry it is easier to get more texture. Sea Salt spray is not necessary bad if you use it occasionally, once or twice a week. Just don't overdue it and use it everyday! Sugar spray on the other hand give your hair a satin finish. If you can't decide which one to use. Here's a quick tip:
1. If you hair is naturally dry or dull, use sugar spray for a more polish and soft finish.
2. if your hair is fine and straight, use sea salt spray for a surf-tastic hair.
Are there any particular brands you'd recommend?
@matty0203 I love using handmade products so Lush or Love + Salt hairspray (it also doubles as a body mist)!