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Ok so who will be you Knight and Shining Armor? Find out in todays game 8!
You were in the royal library reading when this handsome young man was by the window.
This one showed up and kissed you hand in a gentle manner. Which made you blush like crazy.
Walking around the garden you caught him smelling the roses.
He showed up out of nowhere handing you a rose(image your favorite color) while bowing.
Your Dress that you wore to the ball.
There was a masquerade and he was playing with you mind as he would disappear in and out of the crowd with his mask on and off.
He dragged you away to dance with you while making you giggle at his bad jokes.
He cut in and danced you away to the other side of the ballroom while whispering how beautiful you looked.
At the end of the night he pulled you away towards the balcony that looked over the garden and confessed his love to you.
Before you could tell him how you felt this one grabbed your arm so you could look at him in the eyes.
You were confused on what to do he showed up told you to choose.
So you did with you eyes closed and pointed to the one that you wanted. He was happy the he cupped you cheeks and gave you a sweet kiss to remember the night.
With the photos from the Ribbon album reminded me as if they were princes. I loved this one and maybe I'll make a fanfics about this one. Who knows? Don't forget to tag me in you results and again don't be afraid to create a story with you results. If you do take you time with it and don't rush.
Q3 Squad!
Lovely B2uties;
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this one was beautiful