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It's been really interesting watching Pokemon Go affect literally everyone I know these days. Friends who aren't even into gaming (or Pokemon for that matter) are not only downloading and playing the game, but going out and running into other players, creating bonds, and 'scavenger hunting' in pursuit of 'catching them all'.

Do you guys play? Who hasn't played yet?

Have any of you been hearing crazy stories from your friends (or even on the news) about people playing the game?

....not even a day after my comment I'm already 18 pokemon deep in the game......damn it.
I've been logging almost 10,000 steps daily because of this game. My legs are sore but i feel good. i live in the bible belt and down the road from a game store, a bar and the beach so pokestops everywhere!
I love it! It's a little buggy and a huge battery drainer...but it's still fun to play馃槂 I hope they make an update to fix the problems in the game
@danidee there is totally pokemon on churches! That's how my friend captured pikachu 馃槀
@culversyanne I heard about that too! I can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing lol. Maybe good? But also maybe not that fun finding a dead body when you're just trying to catch yourself a Squirtle.
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