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Become Someone (Chapter 2)

"Seven boys. A school full of bullies. Four girls that came to their rescue. Now, those seven boys want help from those four girls. To help them become someone. "The key to become someone is not to change for others, but rather for yourself. Be your own unique and don't be afraid to show others what you got." But, as two fall in love, it causes a disaster. Not only because the seven boys come from wealthy families, but because those four girls are hiding a dark secret that no one should know of."
Ji-Hye's POV: "Huh?" I looked at him and he looked back at me with pleading eyes. I pull away from his grip on my wrist and turn around to fully face him. "What do you mean?" I ask. "W-We're done being no one. We want to be somebody and show everyone that they'll regret bullying us" says another one of his friends. I look at every one of them and shake my head. "No can do. Listen, we can protect if you want, but we don't have the time to make you guys into someone you want to be" Areum says with a sigh. "Besides," I began saying, "you don't necessarily need to be someone. Just keep being you no matter what. I think you guys are perfect the way you guys are now." I could see their faces flush and they smile a little before they got serious and shook their heads. "Please" says the one who grabbed my wrist. He looks at me in the eyes and I get the feeling of helping them. But, I don't want them near us, because of, well, things. But I also can't just abandon them. After through really thinking into it. I decided to help them. "Fine." They look at me with hope in their eyes and they smile widely. The one who got beaten up had his lips bruised and swollen, but yet he held a bright and wide smile. "We'll start tomorrow" Seung says. They nod their heads and they bow. After walking out of the house, they told us their names. They already heard our names so I didn't say anything but nod. We parted our ways and I watched as they walked away with bright smiles. Something about them pulls me towards them. Especially the Yoongi guy and I don't know why. I shake my head and cross my arms as I start to walk with Areum, Nari, and Seung walking behind me. "Are you sure about this Ji-Hye" Nari asks. I didn't say anything. I kept walking thinking that I'll put them in danger. I know I was the one who protected them so I'll have to face the consequences, but I got so tired of watching those disgusting people bully them just because they're not good looking and they actually have a brain and they don't. "Your dad isn't going to be happy about this" Seung says as she looks away with a sigh. I stop walking and slowly turn to look at Seung with cold and emotionless eyes. She looks back at me before pursing her lips and continued looking away. "Don't you think I know? I already know there's consequences. I already decided that I'll face it when I decided to help them." They didn't say anything. That's because when my mind has decided there's no going back. They won't talk me out of it. But I could see that they were worried. Because everyone is afraid of my father. He's strict and doesn't care about others but himself. He wants his children to be exactly like him. He already brainwashed my sisters and brother. But I'm like an outsider in this family. Just because I don't follow my fathers orders. The girls and I split up and start walking to our houses. Although, we do live kind of close to each other. So if something happens between me and my father I could just run to their house. I walk up the stairs to my house and stop to look up at my house. My family isn't rich, but a middle class I guess you can say. I have that feeling in my stomach on what's coming and I confront that fear. No, I'm not going to be scared of my dad. No matter what he does. I open the door and walk in, but not before I hear footsteps running down the stairs and panting. Of course, my father. "Didn't I tell you not to get close to humans? Are you crazy? You're risking us. Vampires, to those stupid humans. And you're helping them?" He says through gritted teeth. Yeah, you should've expected us to be vampires. "Listen fathe-" Before I could say anything his eyes turn into a deep crimson color and he came sprinting towards me. He grabbed my collar and threw me across the room. My back hit the wall harshly and I groaned in pain. I stayed on the ground as my father came towards me once again. I felt blood drip down my chin. "Next time, why don't you listen to what your father says, alright?" He says hissing but he held a smile. He patted my head and I slapped it away. "No, I'm not letting you brainwash me like how you did to my sisters and brother. I'm never turning into a vampire like you" I spat at him. I got up and walked upstairs. I felt him glaring at me but why the hell should I shudder in fear? I passed by my siblings who were watching me. They looked at me with emotionless eyes and I stopped walking to look at them before starting to walk towards my room. I walked into my room and locked it behind me. It's just in case. My room was plain. A bed, a balcony, two windows, and a desk. Not to mention the white walls, yet on the left side of my room was a big portrait of the ocean. I always admired the ocean. I remembered a quote in a book that I read before, "The ocean had always conjured comforting ideas into my head. Whenever I was frazzled in the head I would close my eyes and visit it, dive right into it, feeling the cool caress of the brine. So on that fateful day I was at ease. There was nothing that calmed me more than the feel of damp sand between my toes and the early morning rays warming my red hair." Yes, it's long, but just closing my eyes and remembering that quote helped me in some ways. But soon after I'm done reading that quote in my mind, I think that I'm an idiot. I'm a vampire. A monster to most. Nothing but a monster. There's no such thing as a vampire having dreams. I kept looking at the wall before looking away and walked towards my desk. I sat down on the chair and took out my homework. But I couldn't concentrate. I kept going back to what Yoongi said. "Become someone, huh" I say quietly. I shake my head and go back to my homework. There's no such thing as a nobody. Just because you don't fit in with anyone doesn't mean you aren't someone. I think it's better if you find your true self. Embrace it and, even though there's no such thing as a nobody, then you can be somebody. I sighed when I heard someone knock on my door. I stand up from my chair and walk to the door. I open it and see Ana, one of my sisters, with a tray. It had a cup full of red liquid. She looked at me emotionless. I grabbed the cup and thanked her before shutting the door on her face. Also, 'why did you close the door on her face? She didn't do anything' is probably what you're thinking right? Don't even believe a single word they say. They betray me. Tried to kill me. Push me around. Such and such. Never. Believe. A single. Word. They say. I looked down at the cup in my hand. I grew sick seeing blood. Yeah, I mean human blood. I walked to my balcony and threw out the blood. I'm guessing most of you are curious where my mom is right? Well my mother died when I was only 6 years old, because my father killed her. Before she died, she handed me something. A piece of paper. It had an address on it. Turns out the person who lives in a fancy house, who's also a vampire, sells pills that substitutes the blood. So, if you're a vampire and didn't want to drink human blood. Then you'd buy the pills and put it in your drink. That pill will act as blood, only, it's not blood. I went to closet where I hid the pills and took one out. I had a bottle of water on my desk and cleaned the cup before pouring water and added the pill. I watched as the water turned red. I narrowed my eyes. Me and my mom weren't fond of human blood. It disgusted us, but I disgustingly admit that me and my mom drank human blood before. All because of my damn dad. This is my life. A stupid vampire. A monster. *** The next morning I woke up to my alarm and I groaned. I got up and sat still on my bed before getting off my bed and started walking towards the bathroom. I took a nice refreshing shower and then put on my uniform. Our schools uniform was a navy blue blazer that had the schools name engraved on it and then my name tag under it. The usual white shirt, a black tie that had a gold clip on it that means 'honor student'. I usually let the tie loose because it bothers me that they make me tie it too tight, and a black skirt. I sat on the edge of my bed and put on my black and white converse. I sit up and sighed as I looked at the time. "I should get going" I say to myself. I grab my backpack and throw it over my shoulder and headed downstairs. "Breakfast is served" my father says. He puts down a cup of blood on the table and I grimaced. I turn to look away and walked towards the door. "No thanks." I leave my house and walk the street that takes me to school. The only place where my dad isn't always on my ass trying to convince me to drink the damn blood. The closer I reach the school the more I could see a crowd. They clearly seem to be laughing at someone. I clicked my tongue and walked faster to the crowd. As I walked near them, the students took notice of me. They made way for me to enter the school. But I stopped walking and looked at them. They were hiding someone. "Move" I say. The guy swallows harshly. "B-But aren't you heading inside t-the school-" "Move" I say again, but coldly and aggressively. He jumped at my tone and they all slowly move out of the way. I see the seven boys. They had some kind of mushy food or something, thrown at them and some kind of white powder covering them. I guessed they used a fire extinguisher since it was laying near them. I looked at everyone and they all tensed up. I threw my backpack on the ground and rolled up my sleeves. They all gasped as they tried to run. But I grabbed one of them and he started pleading for his life. I just smirk. "P-Please, I'll do anything. Don't h-hurt me" he says. "Alright, I won't hurt you as long as you tell everyone in the damn school that if they dare fucking touch a single hair on them, they'll regret. Got it?" I said making my tone intimidating. He nodded eagerly and I let go of his collar. He falls to the ground and runs away. I let out a sigh as I looked back at the seven dwarves. I chuckled at the nickname. "Come on" I say. They all got up and I could tell they seemed tired. I take them to the nurses office and asked the nurse to be alone with them. She seemed confused but I frowned and raised a eyebrow. She left immediately. "I'll be back. Stay in this room got it?" They nod their heads. I quickly made a trip to the principals office and then went back to the nurses office. I came back with seven pairs of new uniforms, but they weren't the same uniforms as the other ones they had. These would be the beginning of them becoming someone. They furrowed their eyebrows. "How do you manage to get seven uniforms?" Namjoon asks. "Connections" is all I say. I throw them the new pair of uniform and left the nurses room to let them change. "You can come in now" I heard Jin's voice say. I walk in and nod at them. I knew it. The uniform looked really good on them. "Um," Jimin begins as he looks down at his uniform, "these aren't our uniforms." "I know. These clothes will be your new look. This is the first step to make them regret bullying you." "Now" I say again as I get closer to them and start their transformation. As I was done with their hair and such, I look at them. "Can you not see without your glasses?" They shake their heads. "We can, but this helps us concentrate more I guess you can say" Yoongi says quietly. I nod and then take all their glasses away. "W-wait" they say, but I point at the mirror and they slowly looked over. Their mouths dropped to the ground as they stared at themselves. "Transformation. Complete" I say.
So that picture of them is how they look like since I kind of wanted them to have a "bad boy" feel to them I guess. Also, you don't need to change for someone. Please be happy with yourself and if you're going to try and change, then change for yourself :) I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter and have a good day.


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