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@ZephyrBlaze Same!! XD
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I know it's sad and all that the child was hurt but those puns!!! *laughs* Hilarious!馃槃
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so funny, I can't really feel sorry I men come in my parents told me get out the road before a truck hits you all the time when there was no car in sight so his parents failed or he was a bad kid and well that's how life goes can't have em all
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but he died doing what he loved standing in the road looking at a picture on a phone pretending to catch it. but hey gotta catch em all or die trying.
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It's really not the games fault that some people have been getting hurt AND EVEN DIE! ITS THERE FUCKING FAULT FOR NOT READING THE WARNING AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME STATING "Be aware of all surroundings at all times" SO THERE ALL JUST DUMBASSES!
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