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Can't believe we've reached this extreme point in life, where the graphix and content of a game so vast and rralistic fit to the palm of our hands
I mean look at the level of detail they put into this game? and i thought only Forza and Gran turismo and "Premium" cars
I could easily crop and retouch a pic of myself entering the door and you'd think this was legitimately my new car, if only i could photoshop...
Next thing you know they'll start making pokemon into a regular mobile phone game series and leave the the dual screen. anyways, im just so thankful to live in such era of virtual reality that burdens my already hard to focus brain on what activities to priorities. i dont know, i guess there's always a minus on ever positive thing, persobally as someone who has a tough time prioritizing their needs over wants, i actuallh have mixed feelings about this era, but overall glad to be able to experience and see how amazing the human brain is to create such mind bogling, reality questioning devices!