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You can read my first intro here ^-^
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There are a few characters I'm like, so let me get to it:

#1: Nozomi Tojo!

Nozomi Tojo is a character from Love Live. She's got some level of psychic ability, she's caring, she's nurturing, and she's a bit sassy. She also is quite lonely without her friends & doesn't like to take too much credit for what she does. I like to think this describes me pretty well, too! I love my friends & they're what makes me happiest in the world. I'll do whatever I can to help them be happy, even when it makes me feel uncomfortable or unhappy. This is a good and a bad trait, you know? XD
I've always seen myself as similar to Nozomi :3

#2 Lucy Heartfilia!

Where do I begin with talking about how I'm like Lucy? Hmm. This one is harder because I'm not exactly like her, but I am similar.
First off, we both know we're adorable. What? It's good to have self confidence!!
Second, we both love wholeheartedly and you won't be able to get rid of us very easily once we have decided you're worth our time - as a friend or as a romantic interest. She has endless faith in her friends & in Fairy Tail, and I try to do the same.
I love this quote from Lucy: "There's nothing happy about having your fate decided for you! You have to grab your own happiness!" Rather than saying I think that suits my personality, though, I'd say it suits who I hope to be. I'm never happy when I let decisions just be made for me. I feel much happier when I make my own success, you know? I want to keep living that way & living like lucy!

#3 Satoru Fujinuma from ERASED!

This one's weird, but I can see myself as someone like Satoru. Why? Because he cares deeply about the people around him to the point where he'll get in the way or cause more problems trying to help them, which is something I've also done before. I want to please people, not matter it takes, and sometimes that ends up being bad for me. But, I keep acting like that anyways!

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love how u describe every character about yourself.