New Start- Chapter 2 Sarang Pov: “ Sarang are you really sure about this? I heard from many people that schools in Korea is really hard especially music schools. I don’t want you to get stressed out. “ My umma worried over the phone as I began to walk throughout the airport. She’s been asking me so many questions ever since I set foot on Korean soil. She feared once I got around the thousands of people at the airport I would have a breakdown. “ It’s a little suffocating but I am fine. I can do this umma, don’t worry about it okay? I have to make up for all the things you did for me.” I said through the phone trying to look for my suitcase. “ Ya, you dont have to do that~ I’m your mother and that’s what mothers do. Just know if you want to come back you’ll always have a room here. I love you my love.” her voice went quiet. “ Umma dont cry~~ I love you too. “ I said smiling happily to myself as she laughed. “ Aigoo~ who said I was crying? Anyways goodbye my love.” she hanged up. “ I guess I’m on my own now, huh? “ I sighed as I looked at the manys of people pass by. A knot formed in my throat and stomach as I notice a few stares. It was as if I was a strange creature in a new exhibit. Many people whispered to their friends and pointed at me. I have to admit that that offer to go back home sounds nice right now but I can’t let this get to me. I took a breath in and grabbed onto my Bts suitcase tightly.   “ You can do this Sarang, you can do it. It’s not hard!” I laughed to myself as I remembered Youngjae from Got7.I snorted and looked up  with a smile. “That’s right Sarang smile and wave. You knew this as going to happen. Many youtubers said so. They’re just curious. Nothing to worry about. “ I mumbled to myself. I began to look for my new family but to my dismay I couldn’t figure out where to go. Ack!! Ow~~ “ Oh my god. I’m sorry” A feminine yet deep voice squeaked. I accidentally ran into a person and  fell butt first. “ U-uh no it’s my fault” I said not even looking up. I was so embarrassed i couldn’t even look up.  He began to laugh at me in my head but i sent him a mental glare and he stopped. Sorry but that was kind of funny. You’re still a clutz my dear. Okay I leave you alone now. I sighed and slowly looked up a the person in front of me. The male held his hand out . I grabbed it awkwardly and he laughed. “ Sorry, about that. You must be a T.S performance high school international student. “ I looked at the male confused. How did he know that? “ Name tag” He said pointing to my name tag that I got at the induction ceremony back at the states. I nodded with an “ Oh” “ I’m a student there too!” I jumped slightly at his loudness, “ Sorry, I’m just a little excited to meet a international student out of school.” I nodded with a smile. “ My name is Amber Lu and I used to live in the states but I moved her a bit ago.” “ Oh! A girl?” I said to myself a little too loudly. “ What? You thought I was a guy?” she said scratching at her short dark brown hair. I honestly hope I didn’t come off as rude to assume she was a guy but she looks like a handsome guy. “ Sorry” I muttered and she chuckled. “ It’s totally fine. It’s not the first and probably not the last. The struggles of a sexy tomboy” she cheekily posed. I laughed at her silliness. “ Oh~ She can laugh? Am I funny?” I nodded while still chuckling. “ What’s your name?” She asked. “ M-my name is Sarang. I’m from the U.S and excuse my shyness” I quietly said to the girl. “ Ooo~ nice name. Very pretty and it matches you.” I felt heat rise to my cheeks.  Don’t forget that you’re mines… Be quiet. I know you don’t have to remind me everytime I see someone good looking. But it’s a girl. So… Sigh Whatever. I mentally sighed. “ Let’s go sit over here. “ she said pulling me to a bench outside the airport. “ I-if you don’t mind if I ask, what are you doing at the airport?” I asked. “ Ah, I went back to my hometown for a while to visit my grandma.” I nodded. “ What major are you? “ she asked. “ Um, I’m taking up composition/producing as my main major and my subs are vocal and dancing” “ Woah! You're the total package.” I chuckled awkwardly at her statement. “ I'm also taking composition and my subs are vocal and rap.” she said and I nodded. We sat there for a couple of minutes without saying a word. We watch as people walked past and some were rushing. Should I say something first or should I save myself from the embarrassment? She seemed like a good person but maybe if she knew what kind of person I am then it would be a different story. “ You're not much of a talker are you?” I woke up from my own thoughts. “U-uh no… not really. I'm sorry. “ I looked nervously at my lap. Was I being rude? Does she not like how I am? “ Cute.” she chuckled surprising me. “ What grade are you in ?” she asked. “ 11th” I answered. “ Cool, I'm your sunbae but you can just call me oppa. It can be our little inside joke. “ she grinned. I nodded with a chuckle. “ Friends? “ she asked and I smiled in return. “ S-sure.” “ Amber Lu!? Amber Lu!?” someone called from a distance. We both looked in the direction of the voice and spotted a woman in expensive clothing . I couldn't see her clearly but she looked pretty from a far. The smile on Amber’s face disappeared when she spotted the lady. I was curious as to why but I decided against it since it was not my place to ask. “ Seems like that's my ride. Do you have a phone?” before I could answer she already had my phone in her hands. “ Well okay~” I chuckled and she sent me her goofy smile. “ It was nice meeting you Sarang-ssi. Let’s meet again, soon?” I nodded and she pet my head. “ Amber let’s go! I don't have all day.” Amber rolled her eyes and grabbed her things waving goodbye. I did the same and bid her farewell. *A few hours passed by* I sat outside the airport watching people quickly move to where they were going. I observed their interactions and how they moved. I still didn't know how people can socialize so easily. I could never never understand how nice it was to be close to someone. As I thought for awhile it began to get darker.  I was a little scared and I wondered why it was taking so long for them to come. Maybe they forgot about me? “ Ah, ahgassi? Are you alright, you've been sitting there for a couple of hours now? “ a taxi ahjussi called out to me as he stop his car in front of me. I sucked in it as i tried to find words. Sarang, you can do this. It’s just a simple question. “ Uh, I-Im fine. I’m waiting for my host-” “ What did ya say?! Can ya speak a little louder?” Please kill me now. ㅠㅠ I took another deep breath in and out to gain strength. “ I’m w-waiting on my host family. They were supposed to pick me up but …” I spoke a little louder. “ Do you know your program people number.” he asked and I nodded in response.  “ Well, I’ll come back in a hour and if you're  still here I’ll take ya where you need to go.” “ T-thank you “ I bowed shyly watching the ahjussi drive off with another customer. * Bang Residence * Yongguk POV “ Appa, where’s that ahjumma and our new unnie?” Haru asked waking me out my thoughts. I was wondering myself what was taking them so long to get here. “ I don't know, Haru.” I responded and she pouted. “ They were supposed to be here by now. It’s been 3hrs since she landed!” Haru looked at me with concern on her face.  I sighed as I tried to also wrap my head around the situation. “ I want to see noona” Taemin began to pout also. “ She’ll be here soon. Just wait a little.” I said unsure myself. It was getting late and who knows where they could be now. “ What if she left noona all alone? Noona might be scared of the dark like Minnie.” Taemin began to sniffle as Haru hugged him. “ Fine, let me call and see what's going on.” *phone rings for awhile* “… h-hello?” “ Hey, hun where are you?” “ * soft panting* I-Im kind of busy right now. Can I to you later? Great! Bye” the line cut off before I could say anything? What the hell was that about? I shook my head and grabbed the keys. “ Alright, lets go get your new older sister guys.” I said heading out the door. “ Why am I not surprised? “ Haru scuffed grabbing Taemin’s hand. I sighed to myself as we began to drive to the airport. *Rain* Sarang POV “ Bi?” I pouted as raindrops fell softly against my skin. ‘ best way to start our first day in Korea, huh?’ We both chuckled sadly as the rain started to get worse. I grabbed my things to head back into the building. “ Lee Sarang!?” I jumped as I hear my name getting called by a deep voice. I turned to see a tall ehh maybe medium height man with a slim figure in a hoodie holding a umbrella. The male ran to me, “ Lee Sarang?” I nodded. “ Oh no you're wet.” he said stepping fowarc with his hand raised. I flinch out of instinct and took a few steps back. The man tilted his head a little maybe out of confusion but walk forward to me again? I stepped backwards in result. “ I wont hurt you. I’m your host so don't be scared.” he said walking forward again with a chuckle. It was a nice deep chuckle that was scary yet soothing in a way. I muttered a ‘sorry’ and stepped under his umbrella.   “ Aigoo~” he chuckled again wiping some of the rain on my face with his sleeve I was a bit nervous and token back from the sudden contact. I flinched a little or maybe a lot . He quickly retracted his hand when he noticed the uncomfortable look on my face. “ Sorry, father instinct. “ he chuckled awkwardly , “ Let’s go to your new home , shall we?” I nodded and followed the male to his car. I notice two little bodies behind me snoring.   ‘Cute’ I thought. " Yeah, they couldn't wait to meet you but they fell asleep on the way here." the guy pulled down his hood and revealed his handsome face. I noticed his skin was a bit tanned and his jawline was nicely sharp. Wow, is all the guys here this nice looking? " Ah , you don't understand me?" he said noticing that I was looking at him in a questioning way but for a whole nother reason . " A-ah no I- I u-understand Korean" I said shyly looking away. " That's good , my engrish would probably confuse you more. " his deep voice chuckled and showed a gummy smile. I awkwardly laughed with him and looked at the little ones .
They were super cute and I wanted to squeeze them. I put my seatbelt on and we started driving to my new home. A few minutes passed and I could still hear soft snoring. " Oh, I forgot to apologize about being so late to pick you up today, Sarang-ssi . My wife was supposed to pick you up but her schedule got backed up and she didn't tell me till late. I’m sorry for making you wait. " he said frowning a bit . I shook my head understandingly and looked out the window watching raindrops fall against it. " You're not mad are you?" he asked cautiously. " A-ani" I quickly said. " You don't talk much do you? " he asked. I started to feel bad for not being sociable but I was still a bit afraid. " I-I'm sorry ahjussi. I-I'm just a little shy.... I didn't mean to s-seem rude." I said looking down. " A-ani , Sarang it's okay. No need to be shy. We're family now so get comfortable okay? Oh and don't call me ahjussi" he pouted . " O-okay , what should I call you? " I asked. " I'm not that much older than you so you can call me Yongguk- ssi or Oppa if you're okay with that." he said I chuckled a little at the memory of Amber "Oppa" . " What's funny? " he asked . " N-nothing , I-I was just reminded of something. " I said  looking down embarrassed. " Also, those little cuties behind you is Haru and Taemin. They're really excited to meet you. Expect bouncing kids in the morning " he chuckled. " N-ne" I said still looking down. " Sarang are you good with kids?" he asked . I guess I could say i’m experienced since I took care of the kids at the orphanage I used to live in when I was younger. " I-I do have experience with them I guess and I-i cook well " I said. " Ah, good because there is going to be times when me and my wife might not be home . I just hope you won't struggle with them." I shook my head understandingly and drove the rest of the way home in silence. * new home* We made it home and as I stepped out the car I saw a big pretty house in front of me. " Wow! yeppuda" I said in awe. Yongguk- ssi stepped out the car also. " Yea, it's a bit much but my wife wanted something really nice so this." he said pointing at the house. "D-do you need help carrying them in? " I asked looking at the elder trying to get both kids out the car. " Awe, sure thanks. Can you carry Taemin for me?" I nodded and went to the backseat and pick up the cute little fluff ball. He is absolutely too cute for his own good. Yongguk- ssi picked up who I guess is Haru and we walked into the house. " His bedroom is right here next to Haru's" he said point to the door next to another close to the front room. The house was nicely set up. The front room was big with the kitchen connected. A big island table sat in the middle of the kitchen. With grand steps on the left close to the front door where i'm guessing is where the rest of the rooms are. I walked into the little one's room. He has toy cars and plushies neatly stacked by his wall and a twin bed sitting next to a window. I softly laid him in bed and tucked him in. He cutely muttered in his sleep and snored. I remember what my mother did for me ever night so I did the same hoping to bring a little more comfort to the cute child. " Goodnight sweetheart." I said pecking the younger on the forehead and started to walk out but I ran into a tall figure. " Ouch~" I said quietly trying not to wake up Taemin. " Oops, I’m sorry . I bet he will be so happy to see you tomorrow. " he whispered . I nodded and started to walk out. " Well, I was hoping you'd meet my wife but I guess she's staying out late. " he said scratching the nape of his hair. " You don't start school till next week correct? " he asked and I nodded . " Okay, so this week I will put some time in my work schedule so the family can get to know each other. For now go take a warm shower since your still wet and go to bed . If you're hungry there's food left over from dinner in the fridge. I would love to eat with you but I got to go to bed for work in the morning. Unless you want me to?" he said . " That's f-fine I can eat alone. " I softly said . Even though it would be nice to eat with someone else i didn’t want him to lose some sleep for my comfort. " Alright , see you tomorrow Sarang. Goodnight " he showed his gummy smile with a wave and turned around to the direction of the stairs. " Oh, I almost forgot!  Your room is upstairs down the hall . You'll see your name on it. There's a bathroom in there also so you can take your shower there . You want me to help with your luggage?" he asked. He didn’t wait for my answer and carried my stuff anyway up the stairs. He said goodnight again and left my room to go to sleep. I unpacked some of my things then took a warm shower. I was too tired afterwards to eat so I went straight to bed. Surprisingly my room was really big and neat. I was bit uncomfortable with the space but it was nice. Yongguk- ssi he's really nice . I wonder if his wife is the same? I tried to fall asleep but again my insomnia wouldn't let me. I just laid there and let my sleep come to me. A new start, huh?
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