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After 10 years of release, It Started With a Kiss, the drama adaption of Japanese manga Itazura na Kiss is getting a reboot with new talents. This marks the 9th remake (worldwide) for this popular manga and the second remake for Taiwan.

This version will never replace the first version, portrayed by Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng.

The chemistry and vibe between is too amazing. I would ship them in real life if they didn't have a partner. Despite my favorite OTP for that series, it's always exciting to see new faces and revisiting the classic storyline of the bubbly, naive girl falling in love with the cold genius.
The production for the 2016 version just started and here is what you need to know.
Dino Lee singer and actor will be playing Jiang Zhi Shu, the cold genius with IQ of 200.
If you remember, he also played the popular student in the film, Our Times. He also sang numerous theme songs and collaborated with Taiwanese singer, Bii on Epoch Times.
Esther Wu will be playing the bubbly ditsy girl, Yuan Xiang Qin.
I've seen her played a minor role in the Pursuit of Happiness. Other than that I have little to no background info of this actress.
I did find her cover for the ISWAK OST, title "Come Closer a Bit" adorable! Brings back so much memories of It Started With a Kiss 1!
Finally, Gong Yi Teng will be portraying Jin Zhi Zhu, the comical friend of Xiang Qin.
I'm starting to post more updates of this drama production and other Taiwanese drama related news. Let me know if you want to be tagged! :D
Yay, another remake I've watched the Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese and Thai versions. Loved all of them.
@biancadanica98 I don't think this storyline will ever get old haha. I wonder if they ever decide to have a big celebration of this drama, they should invite all the Zhi Shus and Xiang Qins. That will be epic!!
@cindystran That would be amazing to see!