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The last two episodes of Re:Zero have been so intense that I haven't even really come to terms with everything going on yet. It's been insane. Totally insane.
*Potential spoilers in the rest of this card & the comments!!*

I just want to ask those watching Re:zero how your're doing XD

Did you expect ANY of this?! Will Subaru be able to fix it? Was that Puck doing the stuff at the end of the most recent episode? I want to know everything, but I feel it may be a very, very long time before we get a full understanding of everything that has & will happen.

Let's chat in the comments!

I want him to kill Betelgeuse so bad or get strong somehow and when he got killed the first time I saw the ice and snow surrounding everything and the first thing I thought was puck got pissed because Emilia died or something and then that ending I can't wait for the next episode
after seeing all of it I was hoping it would just rewind to the beginning one time. but man did it screw with my head
@AdrianDean There's no way they'll kill Rem for good....i just can't see hta thappening. No, I can't see Subaru LETTING that happen!!!
Im finding the meaning of life right now
I don't know the story but I'm guessing for some reason Emilia is the evil witch in the future becomes able to transcend time and space which is why Subaru was able to come to the world as one of the sins (pride) and that's why he is so attached to emilia
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