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BANG BANG BANG alright so I'm back with yet again another part to this story. I must admit that I liked typing out this argument. hahaha you will have to read it to find out. anyways it's still late but and I need sleep so let's get this show on the road. @ChoiJiah thanks for the game as always. Previous? Four Next Part? Six
After she ate Tae Chan was lined up at the chocolate fountain covering everything she thought was going to be yummy in chocolate. She made sure to be careful and not ruin her dress as she stood a bit far from the chocofall and reached her arms. Tae had a the biggest smile on her face as she did it all. "Are you going to eat all that?" Tae turned her head and knoded at the male with a smile. She grabbed a second strawberry and stuck it under the fall. "Why not. I haven't bought a fountain of my own's still in my watch list on eBay," she smiled while finishing up. The male seemed amazed by her it seemed as his mouth gaped open. "I'm in shock that your still the same after all these years Tae Chan," he smiled as he took a strawberry off her plate and took a bite. "Your still as youthful as ever Yoseob," Tae smirked and started towards the table. "Also when did you get that nasty habit of taking things off others plates?" "You took from my by plate all the time after dance practice. Junhyung even gave you choice of his own," he smiled and finished his Berry before letting her leave. Yoseob grabbed a plate and got himself fruit. When Tae Chan got to her table Hyunseung was sitting down too. Tae did her best to smile at him but she felt as if she was cheating him. In a Short period of time she was going to tell him everything and he was going to decide for himself whether or not he would forgive her. That was the scary part.....but of course she still had to talk to Dongwoon first. Tae Chan dreaded that too. After her food was done Tae sat for a moment watching others dance. She felt nostalgic as people danced the way they did in high school. Some had new moves but other then that it was the same. Tae looked at Hyunseung as he glanced around possibly waiting for her. Sadly she was not about to talk to him until she had some liquid courage. Tae stood up and moved to the open bar as fast as she could not even making eye contact with anyone As she did. On her way she slipped passed a few who already got their drinks and settled at the counter. " hello can I get a Malibu and Dr.Pepper to start?" She asked the female who turned to greet her. "Malibu?" The female asked then started looking. As Tae Chan waited she glanced about the bar feeling a bit uneasy. When her eyes settled on a familiar face walking to the other end of the bar she shut her eyes quickly. Maybe he wouldn't see her. Maybe Dongwoon would ignore her if he did. Maybe....screw it. She had to face him. She had to pull up her big girl panties and go to him before he left. This had to be her chance....but she didn't want to do it now...or ever? Tae Chan breathed heavily trying to steady her heart as she opened her eyes and moved towards him. Should I act cool? Should I pretend he means nothing to me? Oh God he's been working out. It was a good thing he didnt notice her as she stumbled towards him.....Kill me now. He looks amazing in his button up. Tae felt her checks burn as she clumsily moved towards him. Taking a deeper breathe Tae took her eyes off him and stood one person away. She leaned over the counter and didn't look at him. It was a good thing she didn't look like a slut tonight. She reached a hand to wave the bartender down. "Can I get a beer as well? What do You have on tap?" She asked still not looking at Dongwoon but she still hoped her voice got his attention. The place wasn't packed anyways. It wasn't a nightclub and the music wasn't loud enough to make you deff. Once she ordered her beer Tae had gotten her first drink. She still kept her eyes off Dongwoon trying to ignore him as she sipped her rum and Dr.pepper. Now it seemed that he didn't notice her or didn't want to since she was waiting for a few minutes and Tae was getting a bit anxious. She slowly glanced his way and met with dark brown orbs that had no emotion. Tae's eyes widened when she realised he was starring right at her. She let go of her straw and almost Choked. Tae took a second to breathe but at the same time she wished she stopped breathing all together. "Are you alright miss?" The bartender asked as she placed the beer down. Tae knoded and felt a bit stupid. Glancing down then up Tae looked at Dongwoon. She gave him a professional smile just before turning her back to him and slamming her drink. Its now or never. Who cares what he says as long as she comes clean she will be happy. Tae gulped down the last of her drink and set it down. She spun around feeling like a mad woman but kept her poise. Her eyes moved to where Dongwoon was standing only to find him not there anymore. Tae's eyes frantically Searched until she saw him leaving the building. This was her chance. Tae picked up her feet and followed. Outside Dongwoon was heading down a small path that lead to the cabins. Tae Chan sped faster to catch him and once she finally was in reach of the skyscraper he was already at a door. "Dongwoon wait...please," Tae Chan called out to him as she got closer. He stopped fiddling with his key and stood there. Once Tae stood directly behind him he turned around. " I forgot my license," he breathed then turned the door knob and slipped inside before he left the door open as he disappeared. Tae Chan stepped up to the doorway and poked her head inside. " have you been?" She choked. "Not in the US. Not stumbling around in heels after a drink," he replied as he grabbed his wallet and opened it. Dongwoon took his ID and tossed his wallet on the bed before he looked at Tae Chan. "What is it that you expected to talk about?" He shoved his ID in his back pocket and looked at her but she was in too much shock to speak. "You already found everyone but me so I'm guessing that they were quite important," his voice was bitter now. Tae could tell that after all these years he was able to feel the pain after looking at her. Her eyes met the floor. "I talked to them first so I could Get courage to talk to you," she looked up at him. " I know I'm not perfect and I still can't say the right words but I still feel awful for what happened," she took a step inside. "It doesn't matter now," he walked passed her and left the room. Tae Chan turned and followed him. "Well it matters to me and obviously your still bitter so let's just talk after all these years so I don't feel like the bad guy anymore," she growled as her feet almost stomped after the longlegged man. "We are adults we don't hold stupid grudges anymore," he stated as he kept walking. "Plus I'm sure Hyunseung misses you so go back to the ballroom," Ugh this man was the worset. She could clearly tell that he was bugged and jealous!!!!...wait jealous. She sped faster and grabbed hold of the loop that held his belt buckle. She tugged it a bit. " way to be jealous when it's been how many years? Don't you have wrinkles yet?" She spat to piss him off. He turned around to face her with a bit of annoyance in his eyes. " oh that's the best you got? Your following me and trying to ignore me at the same time at the bar. How immature is that?" Tae Chan gasped and let him go. She gathered her thoughts as he walked off. She felt her heart beat faster and anger build up inside her. Tae ruffled her hair and grumbled as she Watched him leave. There goes her last shot with that asshole. She might as well just argue with him the entire night....but it wouldn't change a thing. She didn't remember fighting with him until that day. Now was it going to be this way till she went home? He would be bitter and ignore her?
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