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I bet you guys were expecting this one :P I figured I'd start out the season's anime previews & reviews with the anime I was most looking forward to....Love Live Sunshine!!! This is a spinoff of sorts (with totally different characters) of the original Love Live anime, which had 2 seasons. I recommend checking it out, too but you don't need to in order to watch this anime!

Thoughts Before Starting:

I'm SO EXCITEDDDDD!!!!!! That is all. Kanan is probably bae. That is really all.

Anime Details:

Title: Love Live! Sunshine!!
Japanese Title: ラブライブ!サンシャイン!!
Episodes: ???
Airing Summer 2016

Initial Impressions:

Wow! In just two episodes, I'm already really attached to all the girls we've met. Because the characters were given a lot of backstory in releases before the anime came out, I found it was easy to get right into the show. Their dynamics are funny, cute, and just enjoyable to watch!
Compared to the previous Love Live, I actually found I had a harder time ranking the characters & deciding who I like best. I think it's because the Aqours girls are more diversified and have many overlapping characteristics, whereas the Muse girls each had very clear cut differences. I mean those differences exist here, too, but it's a bit different!
Anyways, the basic point of the plot is that our Heroine Chika was inspired to make something more of her life by Muse (the group that was formed in the first Love Live show), and is now trying to start a school idol group at her school. Her best friend You is helping her, and there are are other girls around that she is trying to get to support her or join her in this cause!!
The show has been really inspiring for me so far, so if you like cute girls, friendship & following your dreams, I highly recommend checking it out! Honestly, I cried during episode 2. I'm just a sucker for this franchise!!!

Overall Episode Impressions:

Visuals: 8
Animation: 8
Sound design: 8
Storyboard: 9
World/setting: 10
Character designs: 10
OP + ED: 10
Entertainment: 10
Voice acting: 10
(yes, I'm biased)

Am I Going to Continue?

YES!!! I have to meet & get to know Kanan & Mari, the two characters most likely to be my favorites this season <3 <3 Plus, I love this show too much to NOT keep watching!

Bonus Yohane gif <3

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