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hello everyone my name is..... well it's my username (this is what happens when you make an account and don't pay attention ). I'm 24 Turing 25 I'm a LEO♌, love fighting games, anime, comics, and almost everything from the 90'S. the one thing I can really say about myself is that I have to be honest with people. no sugar coating, or lying, love music, badeball, and my family. I also have a bad habit of making a short card very long.... like how I'm doing right now..... anyway, how I got into vingle was really interesting. I got an ad from Facebook saying that here's an app that you can help teach you another language for free.of course I thought it was fake until I seen people's comments about vingle... so I gave it a shot. little did I know I would stumbled upon all these communities. and I've never been happy. although I never did find that language community
side note I'm trying to bring afros back