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First off it was heavily taped up...
Secondly the box had dents in it...
But the bomb was perfect!!! I am so prepared for a BTS concert now... It even came with a bag!!! And yes you see my dinner in the background... I eat a lot of fish as I am a pescetarian... Tilapia seasoned with lemon pepper, garlic powder, cayenne pepper and parsley leaves is one of my favorite dinners... Plus I add some sriracha sauce to every bite...
Just need to get the fan chant down... How does it go??? Do we started with Joonie since he is the leader then name them off in order of age??? Kim Namjoon Kim Seokjin Min Yoongi Jung Hoseok Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Jeon Jungkook Is this how it goes???
And now for tagging my usual peeps... This is my BTS tag list... Please leave a comment saying if you want to be added to this list!!! Or if you wish to be taken off the list... I am OCD so tags are listed alphabetically... I will respond to your comment to let you know you have been added!!! Changes will occur from next card on!!! A: @AaliyahNewbell, @aliendestina,   @AlyssaGelet818, @amandamuska@amobigbang, @angiey0222, @AnnieGoodman, B: @baileykayleen, @BrendaPham C: @cardboardart, @ChelseaJay@Choijiah, @CristinReynolds, @CuteBabyLay D: @DasiaB, @Defy24601 E: @EliseB@EmilyGardner, @Ercurrent, @ESwee, @EverieMisfit, @exobts947 F: @faith92, @fallchild, @FalseLove G: @GamerKyumin H: I: @imiebegay14, @IsoldaPazo@Izzy987 J: @JackieG1617, @JasminMartinez@Jinnyrod3 K: @kanatm, @kandle779, @KarenGuerra93 @KarlythePanda66, @KellyOConnor, @@kpopandkimchi, @Kpossible4250, @krin L: @lashonda0917, @LenaBlackRose, @luna1171 M: @MadAndrea@MaggieHolm, @MandyNoona, @mbg3t, @megancurrent9, @MelissaGarza, @merryjayne13, @MichelleClack, @minimanim3, @Minnieluvs, @MirandaStephens, @monikad, @mrsjeon, @mycreativename N: @NadineEsquivel, @nenegrint14 O: @ocherrylimeadeo P: @P1B2Bear, @pharmgirlerin, @PrincessUnicorn Q: R: @resavalencia, @Rina143 S: @selfishmachines, @SimplyAwkward, @Starbell808@StefaniTre, @SugaKookies, @SugaMint, @SugaOnTop T: @Taehyungie, @TerraToyaSi, @Ticasensei, @twistedPuppy U: @unnieARMkeY V: @VeronicaArtino, @VixenViVi, @VKookie47 W: X: @XionHeart Y: Z:
@KokoroNoTakara haha thats good! every ARMY who gets any BANGTAN stuff should be happy
@taetaebaozi I was so happy!!!
omg!😱 you have the bangtan bomb!! im ordering mines and im still waitting for it to come! i cant wait till mine arrives~!! im so excited~!!!
@DasiaB Thanks!!!
Congrats!!! ❤️❤️💃💃🎉
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