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I took this picture just to see if Hakyeon's face was identical when I cropped it and it may have gotten out of hand and I may need someone to take photoshop away...
Although his face is pretty much the same
Who doesn't enjoy a pierced Hakyeon though? Hahahahaha Imsorry @kpopandkimchi don't look hahaha
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*dies of seeing a hot AF hakyeon with piercings*
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@SimplyAwkward haha I did a horrible job with the piercings though tbh
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I like how you changed his hair style. It matched the piercing in a weird way 😀
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@MelissaGarza I didn't change his hair haha I cropped the picture then flipped it to see how symmetrical his face was and then I ended up doing eyeliner and piercings
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