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Hey!! My real name is Jayda and I LOVE Japan and it's many interests. I'm kinda non sociable but I love making new friends and seeing new things in others. I sometimes lose my cool but it's for the sake of my friends(very few that I have) which makes me look like a total sadist in front of strangers (like full on demon mode). And because of that people think I'm bulling others for no reason (which is kinda stupid of them).
The reason why my name is @WillowSato is because people used to call me "The Swaying Willow" because of my personality always distanced and yet there. And I chosed Sato because in Japanese it means sugar and I like sugary foods.
Sorry my post is a late I had to a lot of errands today. Also please follow my fellow Nakamas. @Stevenb1990 @faithharmer56 @KurosakiJess @DevilsSon @MissStrawberry @eliza1 @SunnyMing94 and the many others. Sorry I couldn't name all of y'all.
Thanks Nakama
whoop whoop badoop hello
yahohohohoho lovely very lovely and the no game no life stuff hilarious good show nakama