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Kpop Idols aren't always perfect, and that's why we love them.

Below are three of my favorite wtf kpop moments :D

I don't think any of them are upset by these videos^^

Baekhyun's Light Switch Dance

Jessica's Pitching Fail

Taekwoon Realizing His Zipper is Down...

Do you have any embarrassing moments that ALWAYS make you LOL?

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When Hyuk, of Vixx, screamed really high pitch when Ravi, Leo, and N left him and Hongbin at the gas station 馃槀馃槀it gets me every time
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Mark being embarrassed by his dad on ASC for calling him "Little Cock" because he was born on the year of the chicken on twitter
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everytime Onew of SHINee and JB of Got7 klutz out. Hahaha I always lose my cool and laugh when they fumble like the rest of us clumsy humans.
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when shinee we're in the dressing room and idk key was danceing and then sliped and fell on the floor.
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@EmilyGardner The NCT one was hilarious! Especially when he said "please don't, the camera's on." before he started getting spanked...I'm still learning their names 馃槄
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