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Hey guys.....

라면 먹고 갈래?

(ra-myeon meok-go kal-lae?)

For those of you who dont know yet, Netflix and Chill basically means to hook up.

English: Hey, wanna come over to my place and watch Netflix and just chill?
Translation: Want to come to my place and bang?

In Korean, they have a different way of saying it:

라면 먹고 갈래?

Yes I DID just ask you if you want to eat ramen, but used in the right way and I might have been asking you to...ermm...Netflix and chill at my place ;D

It originated in a movie called One Fine Spring Day. In the movie, the female lead wants to invite a guy to spend the night at her place but she doesn't really know how to say it, so she ends up asking if he wants ramen...
“라면 먹을래요?"

There is also the song 차 마실래요 or Do You Want to Drink Tea which is a song about how the girl doesn't know how to "get to know" her boyfriend better.

Who has heard someone actually use the term 'netflix and chill' in a sentence? I've never heard someone use it AHHAHAHA

omg 😂 I would've been so upset that they deceived me using food for ... that...
I feel like if someone asked Wonho this, he'd just take the ramen and leave hahaha
I heard about this from a Korean friend! I couldn't stop laughing honestly, he said that if a guy asks a girl to eat at his place, ramen or whatever, it usually means wink wink nudge nudge.
I've heard it be used jokingly but never on me. I would just die if a person ever tried this line on me. Like no we can't bye 😂😂✌️💃💃
And because of the "Netflix and chill" saying, I'm grown to Netflix so I just "Kissanime and rot" its more better.
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