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Oh Hi, my name is Cyrus. I'm a sophomore-junior thing in college, as a micro-bio major. I started down the dark path when I was 7-8 when I got some old copies of Shonen Jump at a 2nd hand book store. I prefer manga over anime but I certainly still like anime (last one I watched was kiznavier) and still make it a goal to watch an anime a month. My favorite anime are: Noragami, Guilty Crown, Hyouka, and Aldnoah Zero (in no particular order). My favorite manga is by far Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul Re:, although Noragami, Deadman Wonderland, and Pandora Hearts are up there as well.
My Username used to just be my first and last name, but is now"Gauche Suede", the name of a character in the series "Tegami Bachi". Sorry I don't have a cool back story like some.
Hope you all liked this card, and have a good day/night. P.s. Sorry about being a day late, I work graveyard shift and it get a little challenging to find time to fit in all of my other commitments
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