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The visuals itself looks AMAZING. I've never seen cook like this on a grill!! Who knew that you could cook everything just with a grill! **There might be some parts you might feel...a little bit freaked out since he kills a lobster....**
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@JohnLee HAHAHAHAHAH fair enough! Lobster kinggg
4 years agoยทReply
it's always nice to cook outdoors. On a boat would be lovely too. @JohnLee lolzzz ... you can do it !!!
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@oj1992 i love to cook outdoorssss but its like SO hard to do it in koreaaaaa LIMITED SPACE
4 years agoยทReply
last tiem i bought a lobster but dont know how to cook it. But now I know, thank you !!
4 years agoยทReply
good ๐Ÿ‘
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