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Right in theThe Feels 😢😢
I love Boku no Hero Academia so much!! The Shows first episode of this show literally made me cry because this Kid was faced with so much adversity and was picked on for being Quirkless. For that reason He almost Gave up on becoming a Hero, then came The Symbol of Peace, All Might who tells him these words: You Can Become a Hero! @NeckoNecko @SimplyAwkward @Captpeter @KurosakiJess @hikaymm @Aimebolanos @Watermage @AlexCattura @tylor619 Song: The Awakening Artist: Onlap
I actually have this song on my phone to get me motivated
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@TylerCassalata I have this on my Playlist on YouTube Red lol
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this is going to me a amazing anime
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