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Hey! So, I guess I'll go ahead and crawl out of the lurker hole now. XD To start with, people call me Amber. The whole thing is Amber-Courtney. I can be addressed as either. I proudly proclaim my rightful title as as an otaku and a fujoshi, even though I fell out of both for a few years prior to now (long story). But I've been coming back, little by little. I also write, as well as draw (something else I had to get back into). For anyone who's heard of or is interested in the MBTI, I'm an INTP.
In spite of the word "anbu" in my username (and the mask picture) my username has zero to do with the Naruto series. :p Instead, I tried pronouncing the name "Ambrose" (I think that name is beautiful) in Japanese, kept half of it in Japanese and the other half in English. It's also my prospective stage name for when/if I finally get my band off the ground. (I forgot to mention, I'm a drummer.)
And that's all for this card. I'll do the next one a little later since I'm a day late and all. XD So... that's all, folks. Drop in and say hi, and... stuff. XD Okay, I'm out before I start rambling. Ja ne! @hikaymm