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Playlist number 1 getting pumped for KCONLA! ^^ A mix of chill upbeat songs and get pumped songs by arists who will be at kconla16! Perfect for summer~
Into You by Eric Nam This song is awesome and it fits so well with the summer feel~
Drip Drop by Taemin Drip~ Drop~ hot summer with Taemin'a dancing! ohhh~ baby ^^
Breathless by Astro Does a song get any more summer feel than this? Astro is cute!
Need To Feel Needed by Amber! A nice chill song you can low hey jam to with Amber!
Navillera by Gfriend gotta have some cutest along with the summer tunes~
Again by Turbo! I legit love this song and it gets me pumped!
반칙이야 (Unfair Love) by Monsta X I love these self MVs theyve been doing and this song bring out the energy!
Fire by BTS Its hard for a song to get you more pumped than FIRE~
Starlight by Dean & Taeyeon Has a nice chill beat and I love this song! Their vocals go well together