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I have sooo many songs that I play a lot but I'm going to try and keep this list as short and long as possible So let's go!!
This list is based off my Most Played list tags: @MattK95 & @Taijiotter
SISTAR I LIKE THAT This song is everything okay. The vocals are on point and it really makes me want to dance. I've been playing this non stop
RAVI R.EBIRTH Need I say more? His whole album is straight fire but this is my favorite of all time
MONSTA X ALL IN I play this a ton when I'm driving haha I feel like I'm in fast and the furious
F(X) DIAMOND I discovered this like a week ago?? How did I not find this sooner?? To repent for my sins I've played about a billion times
NCT 127 FIRE TRUCK Okay from the beginning I didn't like it that much but now it's grown on me and at times I sing it randomly a lot.
SEVENTEEN VERY NICE and last but not least!! I live for this song it's so upbeat and I hunt Pokemon to this song guilty as charged
HONORABLE MENTIONS: MAP6 SWAGGER TIME BTS FIRE VIXX MAZE JONGHYUN COCKTAIL VROMANCE SHE I really enjoyed this challenge because these are some of the songs that are in replay all the time haha. Thank you for seeing my list!!
These songs are perfect for a long drive! You won't get sleepy with these beats.
These are all great songs. Firetruck took a little while to grow on me ... Yes Vromance !!
WAH a lot of these song have been on repeat for me lol. Really enjoyed listening to this list! *\(^o^)/*