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this i have no idea if ita fluff or not but i made a short one because i ran out if ideas sorry if its crappy it was a request from @amandamuska hope you like it ohh and btw i wanted to put this one up because i had this one for a while but never put it up
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I say listen to him first. There's just one thing. Whatever his explanation is, it doesn't change the fact that he wasn't drunk or anything so he knew EXACTLY what he was doing. And since there are articles going around, they were obviously in public. I just find that funny. He goes out in public, kisses a girl, and then claims to not have anything going on. I mean, he obviously cared enough about her to talk to her in public. He also admitted that he kissed her. Not the other way around. I honestly wouldn't even listen to him if he came. I would appreciate the fact that he would visit me while he's on tour, but I wouldn't even give him a chance to redeem himself to me.
@MichelleIbarra wow well said well said even better than what i could have said
Yes, forgive the precious bunny! 😭😭😭
Listen to what he has to say and think about it. Did he really kiss her, was it a publicity stunt? I'd listen to hear his side and if your gut is telling you he's full of it, then get everything out you want to say to him and say good bye to him.
Oh damn shit just got real