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Gomen for not posting yesterday I was super tired yesterday. Alright so for magic Monday, my favorite magic is fire dragon slayer magic.
Reason being for this is because I love how it's destructive but yet very protective of its host and those dear to them (the host) so for Natsu to have this magic it really fits him. And come on we have to admit having this magic would be totally cool to have in the first place.
Now I shall tag some nakamas: @OtakuDemon10 @arnelli @AimeBolanos @Tylor619 @hikaymm 😅 yea I have really bad memory on remembering names.
don't forget @Tylor619 and @hikaymm !
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such tag list
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Right! Thanks @OtakuDemon10
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@KageTsuki040910 I gotchu😉
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