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No matter who you are, grow your medicine in your back yard successfully with these simple tips...
1. Give attention and love to your garden. It will reward you with cures of ailments you encounter in your short lifetime
2. Water your plants when you feel like it should be raining, before a rainstorm, and after it as a boost of life. You are human and like the rest of us, seeing and surrounding your sight with the colour green will calm your senses and give you the ability to think without stress, live without anxiety, and bring you closer to a more joyful life.
3. Harvest your medicine on a regular basis for it will stimulate new growth and yield more flowers, shoots, and fruit.
4. Avoid the use of chemicals. At all costs do not give in to fertilization with substances you find coming as a product from the laboratory. It's not only labelling you as a cheater but it also supports the poisoning of our planet and supports a toxic environment. Pesticides? Nothing need be said. Murdering and killing the fauna of our earth only harbours death and illness. Let's live a life of diversity and balance.
5. Mulching will help you maintain a garden of beauty for several reasons. It is naturally and organically a type of fertilizer. It also helps a lot with keeping weeds under control. Some and many medicinal plants are fragile and don't stand a chance without our aid and attention.
6. Share your wealth. Most medicinal shrubs take five to six years to become bountiful and ready for dividing. Share these gifts of nature with your friends and family. Inspire the cultivation of medicinal plants. Pharmaceutical companies are unstable, new age, and radical in their cures for simple things. Be independent and nurture your green thumb.
7. Never give up. Should your green thumb only be an amateur one, there will be bumps in the road. The key is dust yourself off and try again, again, and again.
8. Simple tricks and tips can be found all over the Internet. Keep companion planting in mind should you want more information. Learn about soil types and familiarize yourself with the cycle of the sun and moon to master the skills of a herbalist Gardner.
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