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This card is similar to the BTS one except this time it's Vixx. So Vixx is a 6 member group that debuted in 2012 with their song 'Superhero'. Vixx is one of my favorite groups. Vixx fans are called Starlights. I'll do other cards like this as well just comment what groups you'd like. Let's introduce the members shall we??
Stage Name: N Birth Name: Cha Hack Yeon Birth Date: June 30, 1990 Position: Leader, Dancer, Vocalist Height: 180 cm Weight: 62 kg Blood Type: A -He is the oldest in the group. -He has a very angelic voice.
Stage Name: Leo Birth Name: Jung Taek Woon Birth Date: November 10, 1990 Position: Main Vocalist Height: 183 cm Weight: 63 kg Blood Type: O - He is very shy and emotionless and quiet. - He's one of my biases in this group.
Stage Name: Ken Birth Name: Lee Jae Hwan Birth Date: April 6, 1992 Position: Main Vocalist Height: 180 cm Weight: 65 kg Blood Type: AB - He's my #2 bias in this group. -His vocals are my favorite in Vixx songs.
Stage Name: Ravi Birth Name: Kim Won Sik Birth Date: February 15, 1993 Position: Main Rapper, Dancer Height: 183 cm Weight: 65 kg Blood Type: O - He's my ultimate bias in this group. - He's my 5th favorite Kpop rapper.
Stage Name: Hongbin Birth Name: Lee Hong Bin Birth Date: September 29, 1993 Position: Rapper, Vocalist Height: 181 cm Weight: 62 kg Blood Type: B -He doesn't get a lot of parts but when he does, he never disappoints. -He is very cheerful and happy and he smiles a lot.
Stage Name: Hyuk Birth Name: Han Sang Hyuk Birth Date: July 5, 1995 Position: Dancer, Maknae Height: 184 cm Weight: 62 kg Blood Type: O -He is the youngest in the group. -Although he is the youngest, he's the tallest.