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Genre: Angst
Pairing: ???
Warning: (M), Language
Length: 3646 words
Summary: “No strings attached”- that’s the rule I followed. Until it came to bite me in the ass.
Part: 7/8
A/N: Guys, I know recently, the updates have been sparse, and I’d like to thank everyone for being patience. Sadly, the updates still won’t be as frequent as they used to be (i.e not everyday) because I need to start up studying again. Sorry! I’ll update like once every three days? Something like that. Thank you x
I stared at him, torn between screaming for help and just calling Jimin to come outside.
“Why are you here?”, he drawled, motioning at the posh building behind him. “I know this isn’t your thing, and I know for a fact you aren’t dating that weirdo.”Weirdo? In what way was Jimin a weirdo? Yoongi hadn’t even met the guy.
“Why wouldn’t I be dating him?”, I spat back despite myself.
Yoongi smirked. God, I hated that smirk. I hated it because I had fallen for it, way back when. “He’s not your type”, his honey-like voice replied.
“No, he’s not”, I replied bluntly. “My type seems to be abusive drunk cheating assholes. Doesn’t it Yoongi?”
There was a dark glint in his eye, but the smirk remained plastered on his face. “You’re hot when you’re angry.”
Rage bubbled within me. Not only did he have the nerve to talk to me, but he wasn’t even apologetic for what he had done. “I’m not a fucking temperature”, I replied with pure hostility.
“What’s Jimin’s game then?” He looked unperturbed, smoothly moving onto his next question.
“How the fuck do you know his name?”
“You can hear his mother screeching for miles babe.”
“Don’t. Call. Me. That”, my teeth were gritted and it was taking all my willpower not to lash out. Yoongi stepped towards me, and I stayed transfixed to the spot. Now that he wasn’t blocking the entrance I could run for it. Get away from him. I was kind of glad he wasn’t asking me who I was just talking to on the phone.
“I’m gonna ask you again beautiful”, he sighed. I gulped at how low his voice had gotten. That could only mean two things with Yoongi- he was horny or angry. And...well, he didn’t look angry.
“Why are you here?”, his voice purred behind me. Snapping out of my trance, I dashed forward, but almost as if he was expecting it, his arm slid around my waist, halting me faster than I could comprehend.
“Don’t be naughty”, he whispered into my hair. What the actual fuck did he think he was doing?
“Get off me. Don’t you have a date to go back to?”
“She’s not a date”, he replied airily. “She’s a pastime.” I stopped struggling briefly. “You’re sick.” He just chuckled. Jimin would be out any minute- at least I hoped. And there was still a drunk Jungkook to deal with.
Before he could ask me again, I blurted out “It’s just a favour”, in the hope that he’d let me go. But this was Yoongi we were talking about.
“A favour?”, he repeated, amused. “You were always just a sheep. Blindly following others.If this Jimin jumped off a cliff would you do it?”
He didn’t know me anymore. He didn’t know how much I’d changed. “There’d be a dead body to land on”, I replied. To my relief, Jimin came out at that moment.
He stopped dead when he saw me stood there with a disgusted expression, and Yoongi’s arm still around my middle. “Ah, speak of the devil”, Yoongi purred.
He slowly let go of me. “Y/n, they’re wondering where you’ve got to”, Jimin informed me, eyeing Yoongi up and down. “Sorry”, I mumbled. “Just ran into s slight inconvenience.”
“Excuse me, babe?”, the inconvenience spoke up. “I’m stood right here.”
“Who the hell are you?”, Jimin snapped.
“She hasn’t told you about me? Naughty y/n, keeping secrets.” I kept my head down, not even wanting to look at him. He hadn’t changed one bit. “I’m Min Yoongi...”. He trailed off when he saw Jimin’s eyes widen.
Jimin turned to me. “Is he...?” I just nodded. He turned back to Yoongi. “You son of a bitch, stay the hell away from her.”
Yoongi let out a delighted laugh. “Oh, so you do know about me! I’m flattered y/n. Do you miss me?”
I glanced at Jimin. Taehyung must have told him about my ex, because I sure as hell hadn’t.
“Fuck you”, Jimin spat, before dragging me back inside with him. I never usually showed weakness, but I’d let today be an exception. “Thank God you came out”, I breathed in relief. When we reached our table, his parents looked up questioningly at me. “Sorry”, I apologised. “My colleague just wouldn’t stop talking.” They both just laughed in response.
I glanced at the girl who was waiting for Yoongi. She kept glancing at her watch, and checking her phone- but Yoongi never came back. Yoongi must have paid beforehand, because the girl ended up getting up and storming out. She looked mad. I hoped she was on her way to slap the shit out of him.
The rest of the dinner was pretty uneventful. His parents were busy people, and were going away for a few weeks, much to his (and my) relief. “It was nice to meet you”, I lied as I waved them off.
As soon as they were out of sight, I started walking in the opposite direction to my house. Jungkook had called me about an hour and a half ago, and I needed to see if he was OK.
“Y/n”, Jimin matched my pace. “Did he hurt you?” I shook my head, my mouth full of the free mints I’d grabbed at the restaurant. Once I’d eaten the mints I said, “I need to be somewhere right now, so I’ll be off. Thanks for the meal.”
Maybe that was rude, but I was in a rush and had no time to be polite. Plus all that energy had been spent on being nice to his parents. He nodded. “OK then. I’ll text you later. Oh, and thank you so much for today y/n, you saved my ass.”
“Nah don’t worry about it”, I said airily. He started to walk off in the direction his parents had, to go back home. I got to Jungkook’s house pretty quickly. It took him 5 minutes to figure out how to unlock the door, while I stood on the other side swearing at him. It was getting cold out and I didn’t have the patience.
When he finally opened up, I gasped. Jungkook looked a mess. His eyes were bloodshot, his hair was sticking up everywhere, and he had a can in his hand. I snatched it away from him. “Jungkook, stop it.”
He tried to grab it back, but his reactions were too slow. “Y/n. gimmeee”, he slurred. I grabbed his wrist, led him to his room and sat him down. “Jungkook, what happened?”
“She...I knew she doing something behind my back and I was right. She was doing another guy.” He snorted at his ‘joke’ and flopped backwards on the bed. “She was cheating on me y/n.”
I furrowed my brow. “And you were cheating on her.” He grabbed my arm, and yanked me down, so I was hovering over him, Even drunk, he was strong. “I did that because I knew she was seeing other people.”
That logic. Jungkook was so stupid sometimes. “I can’t believe this”, he moaned. “Why the fuck...what...was I not good enough?” I tried to yank my arm away, but he wouldn’t let go. “Why wasn’t I good enough?”
“I don’t know Jungkook, you’d have to ask her.”
“Stop struggling!”, he yelled, and I instantly stopped moving. “First she left, now you’re trying to leave!”
“I’m not going anywhere Jungkook, but you need to let the fuck go. You’re hurting me.”He let go then, his hand lifelessly falling on my lap. “What do you mean, she left? Didn’t you leave her?”
He shook his head. “She turned up to my place about an hour after I caught her, saying we were done and she wanted her things. And then we had a massive argument.” I was having a hard time understanding him, but I picked up on the words ‘massive argument’.
“Right...but now you don’t have to worry about her. I always told you she was a bitch.Find someone new.”
“But I lov-”
“Jungkook I don’t give a shit if you love her. You can do better and she deserves worse.”
“I’ve already found someone else”, he muttered.
“What the fuck?”, I was surprised. “Boy, you move on quick.”
“But she always leaves me too...”, that was the last thing he said before he passed out into a deep sleep. I sat there and stared at his peaceful features. He didn’t mean what I thought he meant, did he?
My phone buzzed in my skirt pocket and I took it out to check who was texting.
From Unknown: It was nice to see you today love. You look better.
To Unknown: Who’s this?
I knew who it was, of course. This was my petty way of letting him know that I was over him. That I had deleted him form my life.
From Unknown: You know who it is baby.
To Unknown: Leave me alone.
From Unknown: Aw don’t be like that. You know I love you.
To Unknown: Well, I sure as hell don’t feel the same way.
From Unknown: This is how well I know you. I know you’re lying, even through text.
I didn’t reply. What a cocky prick. He didn’t love me, I knew that. He just wanted to have some sense of control over me again. He never loved me. I wished I hadn’t gone to that stupid dinner today- then I would have never seen him.
I decided I would stay here until Jungkook woke up and sobered up. I did the same thing he did for me, left painkillers and water on his table and fell asleep on his sofa.
I was woken up hours later by a confused Jungkook. “Y/n?” My eyes fluttered open at the sound of his voice. “Why are you here?”
“Oh, I don’t know”, I replied sarcastically, voice all croaky from having just woke up. I smoothed down my skirt and sat up. “It’s not like you called me whilst drunk or anything.”
He remained standing, staring down at me. “I called you?”
“Did I stutter?”
He just sighed in response, sitting down next to me. “Sorry about that. You don’t have to stay.”
“What time is it?”
“5 am.” My eyes narrowed. “Jeon Jungkook. You woke me up at five in the morning? Do you have a death wish?”
He just chuckled at smoothed down my hair. I was too tired to slap his hand away. “Sorry sorry. I was just confused. Go back to sleep if you want.”
I hesitated before asking. “How are you feeling? You were off your tits last night.” He laughed at my choice of words, but said he was fine. “Minhae and I are finally over. I actually feel good about it.” I rolled my eyes. That’s not what he was saying last night.
“Did you take me to bed?”
I nodded, and opened my mouth to reply, when my phone went off again. I picked it up. I had a thank you text from Jimin, a missed call from Taehyung and another text from Yoongi.
Unknown: You’re not home at 4am? Where are you?
“Shit”, I gasped. I really needed a different hiding place for that damn spare key. And what the fuck was he doing in my house? Jungkook craned his neck to read the message but I turned the screen off. I jumped up off the sofa, suddenly wide awake.
“What’s wrong?” He asked, concerned.
“I...I need to get home.”
“Why the rush?”
I didn’t answer him as I rushed to get my shoes on.Now I made my stance on crying pretty clear- I don’t do it. But I couldn’t help the tears as I blindly grasped at the door handle. Was Yoongi trying to scare me? What was he doing?
Jungkook grabbed me just as I got his door open. “OK y/n, what the hell’s going on?” His grip softened when he saw the tears.
“There’s something I need to take care of.”
He waited for me to elaborate. “My erratic ex-boyfriend was at my house at 4am and is probably still there now and I need to get there before he does something stupid now let go.” I said that all in one breath and Jungkook looked at me, dumbfounded.
“The one I’m always asking about?” he asked gently, and I just nodded. “Call him”, Jungkook ordered.
“Are you fucking stup-”
“Just do it.”
So I did. I called him and he answered almost straight away. Jungkook put the device on speaker phone.“Babygirl”, he cooed. He sounded sweet but there was a venomous undertone in his voice.
“I came here to surprise you and apologise to you. I did that just for you. But you’re not home. Now, why is my baby not home at such hours?”
Jungkook nudged me to speak. “Get out of my house Yoongi.”
“You’re with someone else right now, aren’t you? Who is it? Is it Jimin?” When I didn’t respond, he said quietly, “Now I’m upset. You delete my number, and now this.”
“Yoongi”, I breathed. “Leave, right now, or I’ll call the police.” Jungkook held me closer to him, and whispered, “I got this.”
Yoongi was saying something when Jungkook interrupted him. “Didn’t you hear her? She said get the fuck out!”
Yoongi paused. “You’re not Jimin...”, before angrily adding, “Y/n, who the hell is he?” I heard something smash in the background. “Who the fuck-”
“-I’m her boyfriend.” I looked up at Jungkook, who was staring intently at the device in my hand. To my surprise, Yoongi scoffed.
“We promised to love no one else, only each other. She wouldn’t do that to me, you liar. Isn’t that right y/n?”
I felt weak at the knees as I remembered the promise we made to each other. God, I hated myself for how that memory made me feel.
Jungkook reached out and held my free hand- I was shaking. “Hello? Y/n, I know you’re there, I can hear you breathing. Baby, talk to me please. He’s lying, right?”
“Y/n, tell him”, Jungkook encouraged.
I took a deep breath and said “Yoongi he’s...he’s telling the truth. We’re together. Now will you please leave?”
“How fucking dare you. You slut. I’m not dating anyone. How could you move on from me like that?”
“You fucked a different girl every other night when you were with me, so you can shut the fuck up”, I snapped through my tears. He was a hypocrite.
“I’m not going anywhere”, he stated. “You come here and we’ll talk.” And he hung up.
I stood there, stunned. “Holy shit, you were dating a nutter”, Jungkook exclaimed, holder me even closer. I tried to get away, so I could get home, but he refused to let go.
“Why are you helping me Jungkook?” I asked out of the blue. Now he was sober, I wanted to know if he meant what he said when drunk. “We only usually do two things- argue and fuck. And recently..all you’ve been is kind..ish.” It wasn’t like Jungkook to care.
“We always argued about Minhae, and now she’s gone. And you’re more than just a quick fuck to me y/n.”
Of course my phone had to ring just then. It was Taehyung.
He started talking at 100 miles per hour.
“Hey y/n, I called you before and you didn’t answer and I thought I’d try again. You’re up pretty early aren’t you, well you know what they say, early bird catches the wo-”
“-Woah Tae, calm down”, I responded. He sounded like an excited little kid. “What’s up?”
“I got a girlfriend!”
I moved the phone away from my ear at his loud screeching. “That’s...great Tae, congratulations. I guess I’m no longer needed then?” It was a joke, but he didn’t catch on.
“Hey, no, we’re still gonna be friends, and talk and stuff. And I’ll take you out to eat!”
“I was kidding Tae. Look, I’ll speak later, bit busy right now.”
“OK. Talk later!.” And with that I hung up. My head was reeling, there was too much going on at once. “Jungkook, let go, I need to get there before he breaks every damn thing I own.”
“I’m coming with you.”
“No the hell you’re not. He can get really violent. You stay here.” Without warning he leant in and kissed me. He pulled away just as swiftly and I gawked at him. “I said I’m coming with you.” I didn’t argue. Maybe Jungkook had actually meant what he said last night.
He drove me there. We sat in a tense silence the whole way. He kept his eye on the still empty roads, but placed a gentle hand on my knee, which I was bouncing up and down. “It’s gonna be OK y/n.”
I glanced at him. It was taking a while to get used to this nice Jungkook- that Minnie bitch must have been hella toxic to turn him into the angry, bitter boy that he was. I told him to end it ages ago. I told him.
His phone was in the cupholder, and the screen lit up with the notification. A text from ‘Babe’. I rolled my eyes theatrically. She was already texting him? He pulled up a couple of houses down from mine so Yoongi didn’t see.
“What are you going to do?” he asked, blatantly ignoring his phone.
“Talk to him”, I replied simply. “Talk to him until he leaves.”
“What if he hurts you?”
“Nothing I can’t stand Jungkook. I’ve seen it all, felt it all, endured it all. He can’t do anything worse, unless he straight up kills me.” I laughed humorlessly and Jungkook just stared at me, eyes hard.
“If he lays a hand on you, I’ll kill him.”
“Well I won’t be coming to visit you in prison”, I replied, stepping out the car. “I’ll see you in a bit. If I’m in there too long, come in.”
“What’s ‘too long?’ Like an hour?” I nodded.
“Oh, and Jungkook?” He looked up at me. “Delete her number.” And with that I shut the passenger seat door the loud sound echoing down the still silent street.
Head held high, I walked into my house. The door was still unlocked, so I stepped inside,kicking it shut behind me. I was met by absolute silence. The kitchen was empty. So was the living room.
“Up here kitten.” His voice came from upstairs, more specifically my room. My lips curled in disgust at his use of the pet name as I slowly trudged up the stairs. He was sat on my bed, beautiful as ever. In his hand was the small picture frame I kept of him on my bedside. Next to him was a bouquet of flowers.
My eyes were transfixed on them until he spoke. “So, a boyfriend?”, he hummed. “What does this boyfriend think of you keeping a picture of us right by your bed? A real boyfriend would object would he not?”
“He’s never stayed over”, I mumbled.
“Ah y/n. My y/n. You can’t lie to save your life.”
This was the problem. I was mean, sarcastic, pretty ruthless when I wanted to be. I was all those things. But with Yoongi, it was like all my defences were down, and I was powerless. It was awful, the amount of control he still had over me.
"Tell me baby, how are you earning money to pay the bills? You’ve been with two different guys in the space of two days. Are you a prostitute now?”
“No the fuck I’m not”, I growled without thinking.
“Language” he warned, slowly standing up. “Is that any way to talk to someone you still love?”
I shook my head. “I don’t love you, you deluded fu-”
“-I can see it in your eyes love. You still have those same feelings.”
I shook my head again and flinched when he suddenly threw the small photo against the wall, the glass shattering. His dark eyes showed no emotion as he stepped closer. I was rooted to the spot. I knew better than to move about when he was angry.
“Y/n, I can’t stop thinking about you. That day you stopped at the window of the restaurant? You thought I didn’t see you, but I did. I was too scared to come over here, and when I saw you yesterday I just knew I had to talk to you. That day you walked, that was the worst day of my life.”
I waited for his little monologue to finish. “Really?”, I challenged. “Because it was the best day of mine.” He grabbed me by the shoulders roughly. “I’d watch what you were saying if I were you baby”, he hissed, his face inches from mine.
“Yoongi, please leave me alone”, I pleaded, trying not to show I was in pain from his tight grip. “It’s been so long, and I don’t want to get involved in this again. Please. Our relationship was toxic. You know that. I know that. So why the hell would you come back?”
“Because I’ve wanted you back since the day you left. Because I love you.”
I sighed and shut my eyes tight. “Well I’m with someone else now.” I knew he’d slap me. I just knew it. That’s why I prepared myself beforehand. It was pretty hard too- if it wasn’t for his one hand on my shoulder, I would have probably fallen to the floor from the impact.
My cheek was stinging so bad. Jungkook’s slap had nothing on this. “How could you do this to me?!” He shook me, demanding a response. He didn’t get one, because at that moment Jungkook burst in, pushing Yoongi away. I almost went flying.
“What the fuck?” he raged at Yoongi. “What the hell are you doing?”
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Love how Jimin defended her, love that jungkook is protecting her but bi sweat something must be wrong with me because yoongi was kind of hot. I'm so Happy for Tae though
Gaahh yoongi! wtf 😠 get over yourself.... ugh. GO JUNGKOOK and its all good if you cant update all the time ^-^ we understand!
Yoongi reminds me of Klaus before the Originals changed his personality
Dammit Yoongi you cum guzzling gutter slut!! You can't break my picture, trash the house and still expect me to love you!!! You piss me off!!! I love the part where she hopes she was on her way to slap the shit out of Yoongi and the "You were off your tits last night." I hope Jungkook beats the shit out of Yoongi which sounds weird because just recently, Yoongi had beat the shit out of Tyler and normally I wouldn't want Yoongi, Jimin, Jungkook or Taehyung beating each other up but your fanfics have this effect on me and all these fanfics are killing me slowly.
omg I love this, I thought yoongi was gonna change or something but nope fuck changing he's still the same ass hole I'm glad jungkook was there can't wait to see what happens next wool!!
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