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Ok so I couldn't choose one so I'm just doing multiple guys from different animes that were my favorite
First one Fairy tail: I can't help it I love both these idiots so I'm doing both, I love Gray and Natsu and their passion to pass any challenge and protect those who are dear to them.
Second Tokyo Ghoul: this sexy motherfucker known as Uta is my favorite character in this gore filled anime. Reason being for this is because I love his unique and weird personality and how he views the world plus I love his slight dark yet optimistic also pessimistic demeanor. Also, doesn't he look like Ricky from motionless in white? If you know him or them I love you.
And lastly Akame ha Kill: Lubbock. This green loving little cutey is just too cute not to be added on here. I love his playful and pervy attitude and his weapon it's awesome! Plus I love his green slightly cat like eyes, the mystery to them is amazing and I love it and i also love how he'd die for his friends to live and to achieve their goal..... T^T I'm sorry I have to step out for a bit...
*sniff* ok I'm good now. Now to add my Nakama tags: @OtakuDemon @arnelli @jealousshota @hikaymm @Tylor619 @AimeBolanos
XD arigatou @OtakuDemon10
ah, such great choices!😍