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These will all be used through out the story to signalize a new chapter. If the chapters have one cover and its in continumm throught out the chapters then that means that the chapter is not over and that the prospective is still on the person of that cover. I hope this is specific enough. This story will be a hard one to write since all of the members have different stories to themselves. I know I've written short chapter in all of my stories but I promise you I will try to make the chapters long and explanatory so that you understand what each character beholds and what their story has to do with the original setting of the main point of the story. IU is not the only female character in this story. I will be making more covers of the story each with different girls. I will try hard to make the girls in this sotry seem different than the "my ideal type of girl" woman. I want you all to understand that these girls will also have their own stories and I will point out if the chapter is about a certain character in each chapter. I know this might seem complicated for some of you to understand but I want to start fresh with this one and maybe let out all of my hard-core night thinking into this. I really do want you guys to enjoy it and if you have any questions I will gladly answer them if you have any to ask. I want you to ask what you truly want to ask and not change your original opinion because honesty is the best policy ( I sound like a teacher). I will also be making a new tag list for every one who wants to be tagged because I need to know so that I don't forget names. Thank you for your time!!
@UnnieCakesAli hehehe..ok
@luna1171 i keep forgetting covers. God I'm getting old. He is in this story lol I just forgot to make his while I was doing the others
and BamBam is not in the story?