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I know this isn't the worst zoo in the world but it is one of the top 5!! An aquarium located in Guangzhou, China holds animals captive in what looks to be square like rooms? I'm not sure what to call it but as you can see they aren't even held outside in real grass or water. They are kept prisoners, and for what? Just to get/gain some large amounts of cash? If that's all it takes, then this world we live in is F***ing messed up!!! I mean, how would people like it if we treated them how they treated the animals? Oh, how I would love to see that! But anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. My point is, if you would like to help there is a petition going around that I would like you to sign to help put the individuals who did this out of business and who knows maybe in jail! (: so yea, HELP FREE THE ANIMALS!!!
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this world is corrupted