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Is this the worst zoo?

I know this isn't the worst zoo in the world but it is one of the top 5!! An aquarium located in Guangzhou, China holds animals captive in what looks to be square like rooms? I'm not sure what to call it but as you can see they aren't even held outside in real grass or water. They are kept prisoners, and for what? Just to get/gain some large amounts of cash? If that's all it takes, then this world we live in is F***ing messed up!!! I mean, how would people like it if we treated them how they treated the animals? Oh, how I would love to see that! But anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. My point is, if you would like to help there is a petition going around that I would like you to sign to help put the individuals who did this out of business and who knows maybe in jail! (: so yea, HELP FREE THE ANIMALS!!!
this world is corrupted
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Qu'est ce que le survivalisme ?
Le survivalisme par définition est un mode de vie qui constitue à une préparation à une éventuelle catastrophe. La préparation des survivants repose principalement sur l'apprentissage des techniques de survie et des concepts médicaux. Avec la bonne préparation, le bon équipement et les bons vêtements avec notre boutique militariat, vous pouvez survivre à la forêt ou prévenir les catastrophes. L'origine du survivalisme a commencé avec l'herbertisme. Il s'agit d'un événement pour former l'officier de marine Georges Hébert. Le but de cette activité est de devenir puissant et utile. Pour ce faire, il est nécessaire de réaliser une éducation sportive, nature et utilitaire. Aux États-Unis dans les années 1960, l'inflation et la dépréciation ont incité les gens à adopter l'idée de kits de sauvetage. À partir des années 1970, certains livres sur le mot « survie » et les méthodes appropriées ont commencé à paraître. Kurt Saxon sera le premier à utiliser le terme "survivaliste". Cependant, John Pugsley publiera "Strategy Alpha" dans les années 1980. Ce livre est devenu une référence pour les survivalistes américains. Dans les années 1990, le mythe du bug du millénaire a donné un nouvel élan au mouvement survivaliste. Les divers événements catastrophiques de 2000 à nos jours continuent d'alimenter la peur et de stimuler la motivation survivaliste. La survie est parfois liée aux croyances religieuses. Être préparé signifie parfois commencer un long voyage avec la famille, les amis et les voisins, mais parfois le voyage doit être commencé seul. Ne pas se préparer, bien ou mal, à l'effondrement imminent, souvent appelé survivalisme. En revanche, il peut y avoir rupture plus ou moins normale. Ils dépendent de l'âge, du sexe, du lieu de résidence, de la formation précédente, des personnes accompagnantes, du matériel disponible... Ainsi, notre magasin survivaliste a pour objectif de regrouper au même endroit du matériel utile et de qualité, et à un prix abordable, dans le respect des grandes règles des survivalistes : eau, alimentation, énergie, hygiène/santé, défense, et blog Connaissances. Par conséquent, nous ne parlerons pas d'invasion extraterrestre...
Marrakech Tour Company
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How to Make the Right Choices in Indian Jewellery
Whatever be the occasion, the right kind of jewellery can accentuate your look at a whole new level. However, the search for that flattering piece of jewellery often seems like an uphill task. This seems even more daunting when one is presented with many options, both online and offline. You’re left spoilt for choice, as it still seems tricky to get a piece that matches your style statement. If you too face such a dilemma, then Indian jewellery is the way to go. With a vivid range of stunning options, we are here to help you make choices that are smart, trendy, and easy on the pocket. So read on to know about which piece to wear and when, as you next go jewellery shopping. The Pretty Choker Chokers are a great antique jewellery option for many occasions. Be it a wedding, a semi-formal gathering or an evening party, no other jewellery makes a statement as a choker does. However, the trick lies in carrying off the look with ease and elan. If you wish to pick a pretty choker that adds to your look, keep these in mind. a. If you have a long and slender neck, then you’re in luck. You can choose any style you like, and this jewellery will complement your look. b. If you have a short neck then its best to avoid large chokers, as these may make your neck look wide. Instead, opt for slender and delicate pieces. c. The fit of the choker is essential too. Avoid pieces that sit too tight or are too loose. Instead, measure your neck and get the choker adjusted to be 7cms more than the circumference of your neck. d. The shape of your face has a role to play too. While round faces may look rounder with a choker, an oval face is well complemented by this piece of jewellery. All-Occasion Indian Earrings The one piece of jewellery that goes with every dress and compliments you on every occasion is a lovely pair of Indian earrings. From the elegant and beautiful studs and loops, to elaborate Jhumkas and Chandbalis, there’s more variety than one can imagine. However, while choosing Indian earrings for a special occasion, do keep the below-mentioned aspects in mind. a. If the occasion is a formal one then opt for understated, classy studs or loops. Opt for contemporary designs that complement your outfit if you’re dressing for a party. Bring in the bling with elaborate pieces if you’re dressing for a wedding. b. If you have a round face, opt for long earrings, giving the illusion of length. Those with an oval face can opt for jewellery that’s wider at the base, such as teardrop-shaped pieces. c. Keep a check on the colour and material of the piece you choose to wear. Avoid bright plastic materials, instead, go for statement jewellery in traditional Indian styles to accentuate your appearance. Indian Necklaces & Bridal Jewellery You may have feasted your eyes on a vivid range of Indian necklaces and bridal jewellery. However choosing the pieces that suit your style and the occasion are of absolute importance. Before opting for a necklace or sets of bridal jewellery, do keep the following aspects in mind. a. From simple statement necklaces that complement the evening parties and dinner occasions to elaborate pieces that are more celebratory, the first aspect to consider is the occasion. b. Keeping your attire in mind while shopping for jewellery can help you create a harmonious look. Ensure that the length and design do not clash with the neckline of your dress. It could spoil the look. Keep in mind that the colours of your outfit complement the colours of the jewellery you choose to wear. c. Keep the length of the necklace such that it complements your best features. Opt for shorter pieces if you wish to flaunt your neck, while longer pieces can accentuate your collar bones. Whatever style of jewellery you choose, ensure that it reflects the kind of person you are. Rather than buying a piece that’s the in thing, please choose based on how it reflects your persona. So whether you are the jewellery minimalist or the kind who likes to go all-out, take your pick on what you like best. Do visit our website to check out our collection. Source url-
How to fix windows firewall is blocking quickbooks 2018 and 2019
How to fix windows firewall is blocking QuickBooks 2018 and 2019 While the use of QuickBooks Desktop in a multi-person environment, customers regularly face problem associated with firewall issues. If your firewall blocks Internet get admission to want for particular QuickBooks applications or files. Maybe you also ought to replace your firewall to the trendy release, this will solve the problem or you could want to manually configure your firewall software. Tool can be used to configure the Windows Firewall: Using QuickBooks File Doctor automatically opens QuickBooks firewall ports locally and over the network as well. QuickBooks Firewall Manually: · Open Start menu and search the word: Firewall · Choose Windows Firewall · On the right pane, select Advanced Settings · Right-click on Inbound Rules and select New Rule · Click on Port and select Next · Check the TCP option and sort in particular ports wished in your QuickBooks year version, when you have installed, or could be the usage of a couple of 12 months variations of QuickBooks Desktop, you may want to feature every 12 month’s ports as nicely on this format · Click next and ensure Allow the Connection is selected, and then pick next once more. · Make positive all profiles are check-marked then pick next. · Give the guideline of thumb a name, including QB Ports. Click Finish while done. Repeat the stairs above for the Outbound Rules (for step four inbound rules, select Outbound Rules). · Try establishing QuickBooks Desktop once more in multi-person mode or over your community to look if the difficulty has been resolved. Making exceptions to programs QuickBooks use in Windows Firewall: · Select the Start menu and input the word: Firewall. · Navigate to Windows Firewall. · On the right-hand side, choose Advanced Settings. · Right-click on Inbound Rules and choose New Rule · Select Program, then Next · Open This Program Path then choose Browse · Navigate to one of the paths supplied within side the desk below (Do every one individually), then choose Next · Check the Allow the Connection, then choose Next once more · Make positive which you check-mark all of the profiles, if want be, then click on Next · Give the guideline of thumb a name, and then choose Finish. · Repeat the stairs above for the Outbound Rules (for step four inbound rules, select Outbound Rules). · Try opening QuickBooks Desktop once more in multi-consumer mode or over your community to look if the difficulty has been resolved. Contact Us: In addition to this you can follow the above steps in the given manner but if you are still facing problem to fix windows firewall is blocking QuickBooks 2018 and 2019. Please feel free to contact us through our Quick book live chat support. Our support team is available 24*7 for your support. Also Read: - How to fix QuickBooks payroll update error ps032
Website Informasi Seputar Pertanian
Website Pertanian Terbaik dan Terpopuler. Pertanian adalah kegiatan Pemanfaatan Sumber Daya Hayati yang dilakukan manusia untuk menghasilkan Bahan Pangan, Bahan Baku Industri, atau sumber energi serta untuk mengelola lingkungan hidupnya. Pertanian merupakan sektor ekonomi yang utama di Negara-Negara Berkembang. Peran atau kontribusi sektor pertanian dalam pembangunan ekonomi suatu negara menduduki posisi yang penting sekali. Hal ini antara lain disebabkan beberapa faktor Pertama, sektor pertanian merupakan sumber persediaan bahan makanan dan bahan mentah yang dibutuhkan oleh suatu Negara. Kedua tekanan-tekanan demografis yang besar di negara-negara berkembang yang disertai dengan meningkatnya pendapatan dari sebagian penduduk menyebabkan kebutuhan tersebut terus meningkat. Ketiga, sektor pertanian harus dapat menyediakan faktor-faktor yang dibutuhkan untuk ekspansi sektor-sektor lain terutama sektor industri. Oleh karena itu pertanian merupakan hal vital yang tidak boleh diremehkan, tanpa para petani maka kita tidak akan memiliki Ketersediaan Bahan Pangan. Untuk itu, ada beberapa website yang menjelaskan serta memberikan informasi tentang pertanian yang baik. Salah satu website informasi pertanian yang terbaik dan terpopuler untuk kalian mendapatkan informasi tentang pertanian yaitu Website Agribisnis Agrokompleks. Agribisnis Agrokompleks merupakan salah satu website yang di dirikan untuk membantu kalian dengan memberikan informasi seputar ilmu pertanian dari sektor hulu sampai ke hilir. Awal terbentuknya Agribisnis Agrokompleks pada tahun 2018 untuk menyediakan kalian berbagai informasi baik itu berupa pertanian, peternakan, perikanan dan memberikan informasi tentang cara membangun bisnis yang baik dan benar.
[곡성]에서 [랑종]까지 - 신은 대체 뭘 하고 있길래
- 세상이 이 모양인 것과 비대칭 오컬트에 관해 ※ 영화 <곡성>과 <랑종>의 내용이 일부 드러납니다. :) ------- 1. “가까운 가족이 죽지 않아야 할 상황인데 죽었다. 왜 이런 일이 벌어졌을까. 어떤 다른 이유가 있지 않을까?” 과거 나홍진 감독은 영화 <곡성>(2016)을 만든 동기에 관해 이렇게 말한 바 있다. 요컨대 ‘왜 착한 사람이 불행한 일을 겪어야 하는가?’에 대한 추론 또는 상상. 2. 흔히들 한탄한다. 신은 대체 뭘 하고 있길래 선한 사람들의 억울함이 반복되냐고. <곡성>은 이 불가해를 이해하고자 비이성의 경로를 택한 영화다. 방법은 소거법. 첫 번째 세부 질문 ‘신은 있는가? 없는가’에서는 부재(不在)를 지우고 존재(存在)를 남긴다. 그렇게 이 영화에는 초월자가 ‘있’게 된다. 아무렴. 3. 두 번째 질문은 ‘그렇다면 신은 영향력을 행사했는가? 혹은 놀았는가’ 정도 되겠다. 다시 말하지만 나홍진은 지금 한 손엔 카메라, 다른 한 손엔 부적 비슷한 걸 쥐고 있다. 비이성이라는 어질어질 외길. 그렇게 신이 ‘아무것도 하지 않았다’는 소거되고 ‘영향력을 충분히 행사했다’가 남는다. 4. 이제 신이 ①존재하고 ②액션도 취했는데 ‘세상은 왜 이 모양인가? 왜 착한 종구 가족이 몰살돼야 하는가’라는 질문은 필연이다. 이 지점에서, 선택 가능한 답지는 하나밖에 없지 않나요, 라며 나홍진이 고개를 홱 180도 돌려 관객을 본다.(물론 실제가 아니고 영화의 태도에 관한 은유다) 그러고는 이렇게 말한다. 이 신은, 그 신이 아니었습니다. 낄낄낄, 와타시와 와타시다, 나는 나다. <곡성>에서 넘버원 초월자의 정체는 ③재앙을 빚는 악(惡)이었던 것. ‘귀신’ 신(神)은 결코 직무를 유기한 적이 없다. 애석하게도. 5. 1선발 초월자라면 당연히 거룩하고 선하리라는 믿음은 <곡성>에서 구겨졌다. 그리고 5년, <랑종>(2021)이 그 세계관을 장착한 채 또 다른 극한으로 내달린다. 이번에도 초월적인 무언가는 모두가 멸망할 때까지 폭주한다.(나홍진의 날인) 게다가 한두 놈이 아닌 듯하다. 6. 이 귀‘신’들을 <엑소시스트>나 <컨저링> 같은 정통 오컬트 속 대립 구도, 이를테면 적그리스도로서의 대항마 계보 안에 넣기는 어렵다. 그들처럼 선(善)이 구축한 팽팽한 질서를 따고 들어와 균열을 내는 등의 목적성을 띠지 않으니까. 왜? 안 그래도 되므로. 미안하지만 <랑종>에는 그런 노력을 기울이게 만들 법한 절대 선, 시스템의 창조자, 친인류적 초월자 등 그게 무엇이든 비슷한 것조차 등장하지 않는다. 무당인 님도 끝내 털어놓지 않았나. 신내림을 받았지만 진짜로 신을 느낀 적은 없었다고. 7. <곡성>과 달리 <랑종>은 현혹되지 말기를 바라는 선한 성질의 기운마저 제거했다. 하나님이든 부처님이든 무당 몸을 빌린 수호신이든, 공포에 벌벌 떠는 인간들에게 가호를 내려줄 이는 없다. 좋은 초월자는 꼭꼭 숨었거나 모든 초월자는 나쁘거나. <곡성>이 신의 가면을 벗겨 그 악의(惡意)로 가득한 얼굴을 봤다면, <랑종>은 악의의 운동능력에 대한 ‘기록’인 셈이다. 괜히 모큐멘터리 형식을 취한 게 아니다. 8. 악의 증폭과 선이라 믿어진 것들의 부재. 억울함과 억울함이 쌓이고 쌓여 짓뭉개졌을 인간의 비극사, 까지 안 가도 포털 뉴스 사회면을 하루만 들여다보자. 현실 세계를 오컬트적으로 이해해야 한다면, <랑종>의 이 궤멸적 신화보다 어울리는 콘텐츠가 있겠나 싶다. 9. 악마한테 이기든 지든, 선악 대칭 구조를 가진 주류 오컬트는 창조자나 창조자가 빛은 질서의 선의와 안전성을 여전히 믿어 의심치 않는다. 반면 <더 위치>, <곡성>, <유전>, <랑종> 등 특정 힘에 압도되는 비대칭 호러들이 있다. 현혹되지 말자. 이 계보의 영화들은 지금 악에 들뜬 상태가 아니라, ‘악’밖에 남지 않은 실재를 도식화하고 있다. 이를테면 ‘구원 같은 소리 하고 있네.’ 0. 이 모든 영화적 상상은 불우하고 불공평한 세계를 납득하기 위한, 차라리 가장 합리적인 접근일지도 모르겠다. 비이성의 중심에서 외치는 이성. 그렇게 원형으로서의 신은 죽었다. 다만 그럴수록 더욱 절통한 어떤 현실들. 다시, 신이시여. ⓒ erazerh ※ 이 글은 ‘브런치’에도 올라갑니다.