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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: Mature content / College AU Chapter 7 Story: One night and one big mistake led you to becoming a plaything to your best friend's brother. It seems like you can't do anything without Junmyeon hanging that night over your shoulder. What a jerk right, then how did you get addicted?
Y/N's POV You didn't think he'd come to check up on you since Gi was by his side but he had. Right now he was looking at you with eyes of fury. He had stopped talking and that had been enough for you to know how much trouble you were in. Kyungsoo turned around and walked away without a word. "Fuck Junmyeon he's going to kill me." you said scared. "He's not going to touch you if he wants to live himself." "Junmyeon." you said surprised. "Stay calm baby girl, all this stress isn't good for the baby, just remember your promise okay?" He kissed you quick and led you out from the side of the building. Kyungsoo was just excusing himself and Gi when you showed up, "Y/N come with us I'll drop you off at home." You looked at Junmyeon who was staring at Kyungsoo. You walked over to Kyungsoo and you were about to call him by his nickname to get him to calm down but the look on his face shut you up. He walked you and Gi back to his car. Gi had asked him if everything was okay but he didn't mutter a word. You put the hood of your hoodie on and let your hair frame your face. You weren't entirely sure what he'd heard all you knew was he saw you two kiss. Why was he so upset? He's the one that asked Junmyeon to be nice to you. You'd think he'd be happy that you two hooked up. Even though, aside from being the mother of his unborn child, you had no idea what you two were. He said he loved you but you hadn't said it back, you weren't even sure if you should say it back. You didn't know how you felt other than stressed and scared. He calmed you down and made you feel safe when you were freaking out about your pregnancy. He was by your side to feed you and hold you yesterday to make sure you were alright. He was looking after you more than Kyungsoo was because the girl sitting before you was taking his attention away. She wasn't to blame and you weren't upset at her but you were feeling pushed in the background and honestly you were thinking that's why you were getting so close to Junmyeon. He dropped Gi off and told you to get up front and, as usual when he was upset, you listened to him. He drove you to your place and you two got out. He led you upstairs and he had you open the door, he closed it once you got in and didn't bother to lock it. "You're going to end it." he said sternly. "Kyungsoo-" "No. Please Y/N end it, you can't be with him." he said upset. "You were the one that wanted him and me to get along." "Get along not fuck each other!" he raised his voice. You stepped back shocked at his tone. Your hand went to your stomach, like instincts were kicking in to protect the baby. You weren't entirely sure he knew about the baby yet anyway. "How would you know if we slept together or not?" you said. "Oh please Junmyeon doesn't just see women and not sleep with them. I thought you hated him anyway what happened?" It seemed like he didn't over hear about the baby because he would've said something about it in his response. You were a bit relieved by that but it didn't show. Instead what showed was a nervous girl in jeans and a hoodie. "I don't know it just happened okay. Why are you only upset at me anyway why aren't you upset at him?" you said. "I am upset at him damn it! He should've never touched you. Y/N he's only going to hurt you, end it now." Kyungsoo said stepping forward. "No." "What?" he said in disbelief. "I can't just stop seeing someone because you don't like it. There has to be a better reason other wise I'm not leaving him." you said. "You've always listened to me." "I didn't want to be a burden." "Then just break up with him." "I can't." Kyungsoo looked at you with hardened eyes. You never refused to do as he asked, you always listened. This was the first time he wasn't getting his way and you could see it bothered him. You looked at him for a second then looked away. You couldn't take that gaze and it was like he knew it. He knew everything about you. He knew how to make you cave. You couldn't give in though, it wasn't right. "This is the same man that said you could never make a man happy, that you were a boy. He teased you constantly and humiliated you and you're just going to keep fucking him?" he said upset. "So now you want to defend me?" you shot back. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" "Junmyeon and I both know you care so much more about family way more than you care about me." "You are my family." "Then why did you always let him off the hook for bullying me but when it came to anyone else you all but cursed the very ground they walked on." you said furious and hurt. "I was trying to keep the peace between you two." "Peace? We were at each others throats all the time. Junmyeon has said worse things to me than any of the people in school ever did. Now you're finally defending me because we fucked? At least Junmyeon is acting like he actually gives a damn, you've only taken care of me because your mother told you to." "That's not true." "Then tell me Kyungsoo would you have even been my friend if she hadn't told you to be?" "Of course, you were alone and I wanted to take care of you." "Bullshit, I've always been your charity case and I so blindly listened to every word you said because I actually believed you cared. I wish she'd never told you to take care of me." Tears were streaming down your face in anger. "Don't do that, we've been friends forever. What the hell has he been telling you? You're my best friend in the world Y/N. I love you and I love Junmyeon but I know that it's inevitable for him to hurt you. He hurts everything that's precious to me." You looked at him strangely, what did he mean by that? Kyungsoo brushed his hair back with his hand. That same action Junmyeon did when he was stressed. You hadn't realized it till now that they had similar habits when they were upset. "Y/N he hooked up with one of my girlfriends in highschool making us break up. She came back to tell me that he got her pregnant and told her that if she got rid of the baby he'd come back to her. So she did but he didn't go back to her." You backed away from in disbelief, Junmyeon was so supportive of the child you were carrying now. Why would he do that? You shook your head, "He wouldn't be that cruel." you said. "Y/N please call him and tell him it's over before he does the same thing to you. He's hurt so many women and you'll be no different. It's okay to be his friend but hooking up will only end up bad for you." "Kyungsoo you need to leave." "Not until you call him." he said persistent. "I don't want to call him." Your heart was racing and you were feeling sick again. You didn't want to believe that he would do that. Not when he basically panicked when he thought you were going to get rid of his child. "Call him and ask him if I'm lying Y/N. He's been sleeping around since highschool and he got her pregnant because he couldn't remember to use a condom. Everything he touches he hurts and he'll hurt you too." "All those other women you never warned, you never discouraged his behavior Kyungsoo you're no better than him." "Junmyeon doesn't deserve you Y/N. I'm only looking out for you." he said. "By hurting me?" "I'm not trying to hurt you I'm trying to show you the truth. If you stay with him you're asking me to watch him tare you a part and I can't do that. Leave him now, call him and tell him it's over." "Or what?" "I can't be your friend any more." he said. You felt your heart drop, tears left your eyes. You pulled out your phone and dialed his number. Kyungsoo had you put it on speaker phone. "Y/N are you alright?" Junmyeon said answering the phone. "Did you get another woman pregnant Junmyeon?" you said getting straight to the point. "What, what are you talking about? I've only been with you these past five months baby girl." You saw Kyungsoo twitch at the pet name. He didn't like hearing him talk to you like that. You were partly upset at him but you wanted Junmyeon to say he was wrong. "Junmyeon, in highschool did you go out with Kyungsoo's girlfriend?" "He fucking told you about that? Babe it's not like that-" "Was she pregnant?" you interrupted. "Yes but listen t-" "I don't want to see you again." said giving him a scoff. "Y/N please you don't know-." "Goodbye." you said cutting him off again and hanging up on him. You didn't look at Kyungsoo but you heard him sigh. You were crying more now, you were in disbelief. Kyungsoo walked up to you but you stepped back again so he stopped, "Y/N I'm-" "You need to get out of my house now." "Bugs." he called your nickname lowly. "Go!" He stood there for a moment then turned around to walk away. "I'll see you tomorrow." he said before he closed the door behind him. You fell to your knees crying, too much was happening. You two shouldn't have been kissing in public. You should've never got involved with Junmyeon. You felt like an idiot. Your hand was to your stomach and you stood up thinking about how this child would connect you with him forever. You went to your bathroom feeling sick expecting to throw up. It never came but the nausea lingered. You came back out and turned on the TV curling up in your sweatpants now. Junmyeon's POV He had been worried since she decided to go with Kyungsoo. He shouldn't disapprove of them being together, he was the one that wanted him to be nice to her but he could see it in Kyungsoo's eyes. A hate that he held for him that he was directing towards her. She was so used to obeying him mindlessly that she went with him anyway. He wasn't sure as to what he heard but he was hoping he didn't know about the baby. He wasn't entirely sure what he'd ask her to do with it. The call he got from her while he was on his way to her place had pissed him off. Kyungsoo had told her about Hwasa and him but he only knew her version, the lie. Hwasa and him never went out while they were together but she had broken up with him telling him that she'd been cheating on him for a while with Junmyeon. Junmyeon didn't even know she told him that until later on after they hooked up. Junmyeon didn't like her though, she was too clingy and besides, around that time he was starting to become attracted to Y/N, though she didn't know about that part. After he broke up with her, he found out that she was pregnant. He thought she was lying at first but she proved that she was actually pregnant. He refused to get back together with her but he recognized that he had a child and told her he'd take care of it. That wasn't enough for her though, she wanted him and all of him. When she realized that he really wasn't going to get back with her, she had an abortion and it nearly destroyed him. He'd lost himself a little more then. He was harsher to Y/N and less sympathetic to other women. He drank excessively and slept around more. He was never really the type to get attached to girls. He liked being a playboy for a little bit, he had freedom but she had just gotten rid of his baby without telling him, without giving him a say; he hated her. She had fed Kyungsoo that bullshit story because she was upset at him. She wanted him to hate him and it was clear that he did. He probably always had but he held it in. Kyungsoo wanted the perfect family, he wanted everyone to get along. He did what their mother asked and he kept peace with Junmyeon because he didn't want his family split up. He loved him and hated him, he probably saw him hooking up with Y/N as a huge conflict. He didn't want him to hurt her like he hurt Hwasa. He was just too blind to recognize the girl was a toxic whore. He'd never hurt Y/N that way but he wasn't sure that she would keep her promise to him now. He was freaking out and hurried over to her place. Once he made it over there he was banging on the door, "Y/N open up please!" he yelled. "Go away I don't want to see you." she yelled back. "Baby girl please-" "Go! I hate you!" she screamed. He could imagine her tear stained face and hit the door harder. "I love you baby girl. Please open the door." Kyungsoo's POV Kyungsoo had made it over to Gi's place. She opened the door for him and he walked in looking like he'd been in the worst fight of his life. Gi called out to him but he didn't really speak up. She grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom and got him to lay down. She laid on his chest and drew circles on it with her fingers. She knew he'd talk eventually especially when she did that. He put his hand to his head, tears left his eyes. "I think she hates me now." "Who, Y/N, why would she hate you? You're her best friend." she said. "She was seeing my brother behind my back. I told her to end it but she wouldn't." "Wait what?" Gi sat up and looked at him. Kyungsoo looked hurt, she wiped his tears from his eyes. "Why would you tell her to end it?" Kyungsoo began to explain the entire dynamic of Junmyeon and Y/N's relationship before they hooked up. He explained how Junmyeon got his EX pregnant and how it seemed to break her heart even more. She didn't want to talk to him, she wouldn't let him close to give her comfort. Junmyeon would ruin her life like he'd ruined so many other women's lives. He didn't want her to be the same. She just couldn't see that. "Soo, you can't just ask a girl to give up the one she loves like that. Telling her something like has only broken her heart." "Are you saying I should've just waited for him to break hers?" "As cruel as it may sound, sometimes that's what you have to do. Right now the only person that's broken her heart is you Kyungsoo. Even still she's your best friend, eventually she'll forgive you. You love her don't you?" "I loved her once, back in highschool. Some guy felt her up in the hallway so when we came home I yelled at her for letting him do it. She listened to me then even, though she actually liked the guy; she's always listened to me. I've always been just a big brother or a best friend to her so I finally let go of being in love with her for the sake of keeping her close but she's not listening to me now. She's questioning our entire friendship and it's because of him." Gi sat up and sighed. She kissed him softly and reached for the hem of his shirt pulling it over his head. She kissed him again while she sat on his lap and he lifted up her shirt. She took off her bra exposing her skin to him and he began to place kisses on her body. "If she's your best friend you need to be happy for her." She said through light moans. "I can't be happy knowing he'd hurt her. She ended it she knew it was a bad idea to be with him." She gasped at his tongue flicking over her nipple. His mouth covering her breasts and sucking. Her hand was raked through his hair tugging away lightly. "If he made her feel as good as you make me feel would you still disapprove?" "Yes, she belongs to me." "Really? I think you're confused Kyungsoo. I'm all yours and she's all his." He sucked harder on her nipple causing her to let out a moan. She began to roll her hips against him feeling his erection popping up. His hand went from her breast and moved slowly down to her stomach, the tickle making her grab his hand and hold it there. Then he stopped realizing something, "Fuck!" he said. "What?" she asked surprised. "She's pregnant." "What, did she say that?" "No she didn't have to, it makes sense why she'd hold on to him. Her hand went to her stomach when I started to yell. She was being protective but I thought she was just scared of me. It makes sense why she was so hurt by him confirming he got another girl pregnant; she didn't even let him finish speaking. He got her pregnant. She can't actually have his baby." Gi quickly grabbed Kyungsoo's face and made him look at her. She was shocked by his possessive behavior and even more so his logic. Minutes ago he was upset that Junmyeon asked his EX to get rid of their baby and now he sounded as if he were about to do the same. "Ok just hold on a second you're not going to tell her to get rid of her child especially if you don't know for sure that she's pregnant." "I'm willing to bet she is. Don't you understand she'll never be able to get away from him if she has his baby." "If she stays friends with you she'll never be able to get away anyway. Even still, that's her child you don't get a say in that Kyungsoo. Leave it alone haven't you done enough damage to your friendship already?" "Gi she can't have his baby. She can't." "If I got pregnant by you and she said that to you would you listen to her?" she was trying to get him to think. "No but you're not Junmyeon." he said. She sighed and pinned him down. She started to grind against him in hopes to take his mind off of it. He wasn't thinking straight and this was a whole new side to him he was showing. He didn't want Y/N with Junmyeon and he wanted to do anything he could to stop it. His perfect little family consisted of his mother, father and Junmyeon. At one point it was supposed to be her, he was supposed to be with her. He thought he let it go, she had dated Tao and he didn't lose his cool but his brother getting her made him lose his mind. He flipped Gi onto the bed, discarding his pants while she got rid of hers. He liked Gi, she was pretty and helpful. She was an amazing cook and she was funny so he didn't know why these feelings were resurfacing for Y/N. The whole point of him dating again was to kill them completely, up till now they were simply buried. As he got to know Gi better, he pulled more towards her and backed away from Y/N. He wanted her to feel like she was still his friend but having a girlfriend gave him the perfect reason to gain some distance. He couldn't love her if he loved someone else. As long as she wasn't with Junmyeon, he was fine. Junmyeon would ruin her and he couldn't let that happen. It hurt when she told him she wished he was never told to take care of her. Taking care of her was the highlight of his life, he loved her and loved defending her. He liked when she smiled at him and the pouting face she put on when he got upset at her. He liked when she called him squishy or Satansoo when he got upset at someone else. She had pushed him out of the house instead of letting him help her feel better. She couldn't have actually been in love with Junmyeon and he was hoping that she wasn't pregnant. She had broken down after hearing that Junmyeon had gotten his EX pregnant and her hand was to her stomach the whole time. "She can't have the baby." he said moving inside Gi. She was moaning but her hands came up to his face and she said, "Shush baby focus on me, move faster." she said. He did as she wanted trying to find some clarity in his head. Did he love Gi or did he love Y/N? Was Gi his substitute for her? Was Y/N pregnant? The questions only fueled his powerful thrust into his girlfriend. He would get no relief till he got the answers to his questions. Y/N's POV You were lost in thought until you heard banging come from your door. Kyungsoo left fifteen minutes ago he didn't need to come back, plus he had a key, "Y/N open up please!" you heard Junmyeon scream. "Go away I don't want to see you." you yelled back. "Baby girl please-" "Go! I hate you!" she screamed. He hit the door harder saying, "I love you baby girl. Please open the door." You didn't want to see him, how could he have gotten another girl pregnant and not tell you? How could he ask her to get rid of his child but plead for you to keep yours? You were losing your mind. You leaned against the wall, "I hate you!" you cried. "Y/N please. Baby I need you please don't let him end this. You're mine." "No, leave me alone." you said. He tried the door and you forgot Kyungsoo left it unlocked. You didn't lock it behind him either. He walked in closing it behind him, this time locking it. His eyes were wet, "Baby girl you don't know the whole story." he said. "She got rid of your child because of you why would you ask me to keep this baby if you had done that? What are you just trying to make up for a mistake?" "I never asked her to get an abortion! She lied. The girl he's talking about is Hwasa. You remember her don't you?" You nodded, Hwasa was a pathological liar. She hated you too because you and Kyungsoo were so close but Kyungsoo wouldn't hear a bad word spoken about her. You mostly bad mouthed her to Yifan, he was the only other one apart of your little group you knew before college. Yifan hated her too and he'd always cause trouble for her even in front of Kyungsoo. "So she was never pregnant?" you asked "She was but she told Kyungsoo that lie. That if she got the abortion we'd get back together. I never said that, I told her that I would take care of the kid and do whatever I needed to do for it but I was not coming back to her. She was going use that baby against me but when she had the abortion I couldn't handle it. I can't lose another baby Y/N especially not one by you. I love you and I'll love this baby with everything I've got but you have to give me a chance." He walked up to you and pecked your lips. His hand met your stomach, "Remember your promise baby girl. He doesn't get a say in what happens with this baby." You were silently crying but pulled back your hair to take a breath. He pushed the hair behind your ear when it feel back down to frame your face. "You're all mine remember. Say it. Who do you belong to?" he said. "You." "Damn right so don't ever break my heart like that again. I'll punish you baby girl but right now," he leaned into you ear. "I'm going to make you feel so fucking good." He slowly moved down your body and reached for your sweatpants. He hooked his fingers so he could pull them down along with your panties. It took only seconds for his for tongue to meet your clit causing you bottom half to move forward as you moaned out loud. Your hand went through his hair while he continued to make circles around your clit with his tongue. He stood up and kissed you making you taste yourself. He lifted you up wrapping your legs around his waist and he walked to your bedroom. He laid you out on the bed and he pulled his shirt off. "Take off the rest of your clothes baby girl. I want you completely naked." he said. Your heart raced as you got rid of you sweatshirt and tank top, you removed your bra and were met by a stark naked Junmyeon. His erection hard and in his hand. He was stroking himself getting prepared and you felt your body heat up more. He stuck two fingers inside of you while he stroked himself. "My baby girl is soaking wet. You want me inside you don't you?" he said. You nodded while you moved your hips against his fingers. "Speak up baby girl. Say my name." "Yes Junnie." "You're such a good girl." he said pulling his fingers out. He licked them in front of you, starting you in the eyes making you feel embarrassed, "You taste good too. Come give me a try baby." He gave you his hand so he could pull you up and your mouth opened to let him inside. You bobbed your head up and down slowly, your tongue twisting around his hard member. "Ah, fuck baby girl you're so good." he moaned. His hands met your head as he moved faster and deeper within your mouth. your hand stroked what ever didn't get inside and soon he had to push you down to stop you from making him cum. He was on the edge but he didn't want to release in your mouth, "I'm not gonna cum like that baby, I want to be inside you when I do." "Then get inside me already." you said slightly frustrated. He rubbed his member against your clit and ever so slightly teased like he was going to enter you. It was driving you crazy. You tried to move down to get him to come inside but he pushed your legs open and your hips down. "You want me so bad baby girl. I just want to enjoy the view." "Junmyeon." you cried slightly. "No baby girl. I'm going to drive you a little crazy first. As punishment for trying to break my heart. You're never allowed to leave me, do you understand? Your lips, your breast, your body," His hands touched every place he checked off before he thrusted inside you hard and in one swift movement. "Even this belongs to me, all of you belongs to me. No one else can have you or make you feel like this but me. You're mine forever, do you understand me?" "Yes Junnie." "Ahh, you're such a good girl." he said He started to take long, slow, deep pumps inside you; your hand went to play with your clit until he slapped it away. "Do that again without permission and I tie your hands up baby girl. I don't want you to cum so fast. Enjoy this for a while." he said smirking at you. His possessive nature was somehow more attractive to you. You were putty in his hands especially when you wanted to be pleased. You wanted him to speed up but he was still moving slow. He was enjoying the way your breathing sounded. Your whimpers for him to give you more, he bent down to lick your lips, kissing you roughly and then sucking on your bottom lip before pulling out of you. "What?" you said surprised. "Flip over baby girl." You turned around and he set you on your knees and slammed inside of you making you moan out loud. He gave you what you wanted, he moved inside you faster, his hands wrapping around your body to tease your breast. "Yell my name baby girl let everyone know who you belong to. I want to hear that sexy voice, come on." You called his name loud as he continued to move inside you. He put two fingers in your mouth and your tongue swirled around them making them wet. When he pulled them out, he rubbed your clit hard and fast. "Junnie!" you called through a moan. His tongue grazed the bottom of your ear before he took a nibble. His growl inside you're ear made you grip him tighter. "Fuck baby girl you're squeezing me so tight. You want me so bad." his was voiced laced with lust. He turned you around on your back and lifted your hips up higher. "I want to see that pretty face when you cum baby girl. Cum for me." He rubbed faster against your clit, your hips grinding against his as he thrusted into you harder. His panting was audible and almost in time with yours. You could feel yourself getting closer and your back arched up. Your hand gripped his shoulder, "Junnie, I'm coming." you yelled the warning. "Me too baby girl." he growled. It took three more pumps inside of you before you lost control and your body shook in ecstasy. Your moans were in sync with his as you felt his release inside of you. He pressed his body against yours holding you close and kissing you almost immediately silencing your left over moans. His tongue moving around in your mouth had you still moving your hips against him and he pressed them down saying, "Stop it baby girl or your going to make me hard again." You bit your lip and nodded and that face made him smile. He licked his own lips before he took yours back to taste. His fingers slowly slid down your shoulders and chest making their way to your stomach. His lips moved down there as well causing a tingle to go through your body. He grabbed your hand lacing his fingers with yours while he kissed your stomach. The wet sensation of his tongue grazing by and then his breath drying it as he spoke. "I want to make you this problem little one. I promise to protect you and mommy for as long as I live," He looked up at you, your eyes starting to well up with tears and you saw his building tears as well. "I will love you forever, hold you when you're upset, I'll take care of you for as long as I can. I love you so much and I love mommy too. I promise you all of these things and I will never break it." His lips pressed against your stomach longer than he needed but you smiled at him. You couldn't believe Junmyeon was this sweet but hearing his promise to the baby and to you made your heart swell. You let tears drop from your eyes as you smiled back at him. Releasing your hand from his to wipe the tears that fell from his eyes, he crawled back up to you, your hand still caressing his cheek and now face to face with him you said, "I love you." His eyes widened and then a smile broke out before he crashed his lips onto yours happier than ever that you said the three little words he wanted to hear you say all along. The truth was you were scared but you loved him that was going to get you through this.
Not the end yet folks, I'm still trying decide when I'll release Mr.Sandman though I kind of want to get it out today but I don't know if it'll happen. Anyway thanks for reading. I know it was a long chapter sorry. ~BabydollBre Tag list: @kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @princess2425 @Tiffany1922 @Anna5221 @VKookie47 @elishafisher @griseldazenger @Alyessiazavala @Parktaemi @sarahdawish @JaxomB @Queenlee @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @herosbells @JasmineGregory @Animezkpopgirl @Xionheart @isisMayaVelasco
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