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Hey Everyone! here's some special wallpapers requested by and made especially for @sherrysahar! and shout out to her because she waited so long while i got everything sorted out so a big "thank you" to you! I really hope you like these! sorry the second one looks very textured I tried to soften it as much as I could!
If anyone wants a wallpaper please just vingle message me! and I ask that you only request up to two for right now because I'm experiencing a lot of glitches and all that great stuff but feel free to request! and if you want to make my day you can give yo girl a follow! love all of you until next card bye!❀❀
Totally stealing that B.I. one. ITS GORGEOUS!! 😍😍
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thank-you sooo much i love you 😍😍😍😍😘😘
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