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Alright today is Tuesday and today's question is: what anime character(s) are you like? Well let's get started.
Although I'm not a very big fan of the anime I couldn't help but connect to Sinon in SAO. Her and I are alike for one simple reason, we both have different personalities in the virtual world. We both get bullied and have bad eye sight in the real world but in the virtual we don't get that treatment at all.
Second anime character I'm like is Killua from HunterXHunter. This cute little ball of fluff and I are cute for three reasons: one we're both not that good on making friends we're too awkward for it and we start acting like complete tsunderes, reason two, once we are both connected and close to someone we both protect them and cherish them, and lastly reason three... We both have a bad bloodlust, we are both very violent so if you want a death wish go right ahead and piss us off.
Third anime character I'm like is Natsu. We are both very protected of those that are close to us and if you hurt any of our family or friends be ready to burn to a crisp. And also we love food it's awesome!
Fourth person I'm like is Wendy. She and I are both very timid when we first start talking to people but once we start getting use to them we talk a lot more. And also because we both have blue hair and brown eyes 😅.
And last but not least Happy. The reason being in like this blue cat is because we both love teasing our friends in their love life it's too funny not to do it XD. Also because I act like a cat so yeaaa and I like fish! It's yummy🐟.
Arigatou @LorettaHon
wooo hooooo.... Love this card 😍😊
That was cool! I also loved the pics you put in!!