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1. How did I get into BTOB? Simple. One word. @Helixx. Once @Helixx found BTOB she showed me what I was missing, and to understand her fangirlingness I had to find out who they were. A while back when I first got into kpop I had heard their songs and listened to them but didn't know who they were. Now that I know them I am very thankful for this girl opening my eyes and ears to them.
2. Who is my BTOB bias? Lee (Squishy) Minhyuk! I fell on this face while watching BTOB Diary. His smile is so innocent looking even when he tries not to be. His voice when he sings and then raps! I was hooked. He quickly climbed my bias rankings, not caring that others had their places.
3. How long have I been on Vingle? I have been on Vingle since Dec 2015. Not a long time. I started with just reading the fanfiction, and liking peoples cards. I was nervous to make my first card, and it was just a game card. (you can see it here if you like).
4. What is my favourite BTOB song and era? My favourite BTOB song is Dear Bride. Again I thank @Helixx for showing me this. My favourite era is You're so Fly era because Minhyuk as a blonde is just omo.
5. Who is my UB? My UB is at a tie right now with Namjoon and Minhyuk. I've threatened many times to send them to battle to fight each other so I can choose. I mean the odds are good right? Namjoon is the God of Destruction, I am the Queen or Demolition. Minhyuk is strong and works out, I'm somewhat strong I workoutish. So why can't they fight? Is it because I've said I'll put them in the Sparata games?
6. Who is my bias group? My bias group is always Big Bang. I hold them close cause they be the reason I got into kpop. Them and food teehee. Simply put they are dorks, but they have other groups trying to take their spot, and I fear. I fear big. That when they do their service another group will hold bias group spot.
7. How long have I been a Melody? I have been a Melody a total of 4 months! Yes I know that's a short time, but in that time I have immersed myself in all things BTOB. And it is my pleasure to be part of the support mod and share all these feels with you guys!
8. Do I have a favourite BTOB member hairstyle? I love Eunkwang's bangs! And when he has it permed, swoon! But when he has the part in the front, I swear his hair does things to me. SSSHHH don't tell Squishy!
9. Have I posted a card about BTOB before? Have you posted an intro before? LOL, yes I've posted a card before :)
10. Let me tell you 5 random facts about myself. 1. I dye my hair too much to count that people ask me if I've done anything to it, even when it's been the same colour for 5 months. 2. I have never broken a bone and I oddly wish to know what it feels like so I can sense when it rains, still knocking on wood. 3. I've made an Instagram for my cat Sushi, you can follow him if you like (@motosushi) 4. I hate wearing shoes and I don't like the feel of them so I try to walk barefoot and drive barefoot cause I'm more comfortable that way than when my feet are constricted in rubber soles.... 5. If you didn't know already, I don't blast it to the world, I'm bisexual. My girlfriends all think I'm weird for fawning over Asian men, but I can't help myself. They all are so gorgeous and pretty. That's me! Random things at it's finest! I nominate the following to do a get to know me challenge @SimplyAwkward @SarahVanDorn @SugaOnTop @twistedPuppy
You and I both have Eunkwang hair proplems... Okay, we both have Eunkwang problems... Let's just be honest about that.
1. You don't EVER want to break a bone...trust me on that one. 2. Once you become hooked on BTOB, you will always be a Melody. You won't be able to give the up....ever.