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I actually mentioned this before, I commented on someone else's card but with less details l. But for those who are interested here you go. Enjoy! I would say maybe Erza from fairy tail. I am muture (in important situations) but get really silly. I love cake (cake is life) I actually have no patience for my family (because I expect better from them, specially my brother) serious men (I look for men not childish brats) with blue hair/eyes are my type (*cough* cough* Jallal and Levi) and also have a thing for guys with glasses (like Akihito Kambara from beyond the boundary). Would say I had a tragedy past kinda like Erza's (no details) but I moved forward and made me stronger because I believed in myself. If I had the chance to erase my memories or go to the past I wouldn't do it, I want to keep all my memories. Even if they're are memories I rather forget. Because if i keep them and don't runaway someday I'll be strong enough that those momeries can't defeat me (like Momji Sohma said, from fruits basket). I think what matters more in a person is what is inside (like what Haruhi thinks, OHHC) I hate humans, but I think they are interesting beings. I don't show (and hate to) but I have people I love (some) but even if I don't know you if you are in trouble I wiI save your a$$ (I AM READY TO KILL BUT WILLING TO CARE!). I will do things even if I'm scared to. I like dressing up (just for fun) but won't go out with whatever I'm trying, just use casual clothes. NOT very girly (like Haruhi OHHC) makeup not my thing. Dramatic like Ayame Sohma (fruits basket) Care free like Kaori (your lie in April) I have been told I'm scary when I'm mad or sleepy like Kyoya (OHHC) and much like him, most things I won't do them unless it benefits me. I said I would save you if you are in trouble, but when I do you will make you feel like you need to give me something back. History and English is one of my favorite subjects. (like Kyoya)
In order Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail Momji Sohma from Fruits basket Akihito Kambara from Beyond the Boundary Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran high school host club Ayame Sohma from Fruits basket Kaori Miyazono from Your lie in April Kyoya Ootori from Ouran high school host club I always wanted to do a card like this one so thank you @hikaymm THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SOOOO MUCH FOR TAKING YOUR TIME IN READING!!!! If you want to want to join this even go for it!! Just make sure to be part if the community. If you do you don't have to make it long like mine, I just really like to talk.
@nimm14 thank you 😄😄
I love this card, one of my favorite cards I have read so far.