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Hello and what's up guys today is Day 2 of the Big Bang Community Party and today's theme is *Drum Rolls*

"I relate to this Big Bang Member the Most"

So have fun today guys Please tag the moderation team in your cards ❤❤ If you want to check out this week's schedule you can find it >>HERE <<

But for me ....the Big Bang Member I can relate to the most is ....

G-DRAGON!!! ...Haha no I wish lol

(we relate in some ways but this is about the member I relate to THE MOST)

So let's bring it back to the true star of the show.....


Yup I relate to him the most lol

but why...

because well...

This is what my parents think I do:

"The Drama Queen"

What my friends think I do:

"Lazy Fam" (you know this would be the life actually lol)

What My Mod team thinks I do:

"The researcher"

What I think I do:


Okay^^ let's be real here . . *Vingle Fam this is out secret* I'm a shameless self-promoter, who is always in trouble for some weird reason, I'm clumsy, and (Hopefully my mod team doesn't read this part....but you know how Seungri is constantly getting teased/roasted by his hyungs.....yea welcome to my world the secret it out lol) *clears throat*

❤❤❤I mean my mod team is my everything ❤❤❤



So what Big Bang Member do you relate to the most??

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Haha so cute!!! You are just another version if our panda!!! ^-^ this is what we think of you "Researcher" more like "creeper and stalker" to me........and teased/roasted by "Hyungs"<--I think you meant "ME"...oh now I see...You need more "LOVE ---> sure is Painssss" Yes...I will be your "EVERYTHING"...u will feel how much I "LOVE" Uuuuu.
@lovetop ....hmm okay we can go by the food long as I'm at the top 😆😆😆 #SAFE .....😥😥 that was a close one ~~~
@KwonOfAKind...Photosynthesis is a process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy. No I think we should go by "Food chain a hierarchical series of organisms each dependent on the next as a source of food. I think this is more of our "Relationship"!!
@lovetop 😱😱😱😱😱's not necessary....Photosynthesis JTOP!!! PHOTOSYNTHESIS!!!!!
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