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D.O x OC Word Count: 1015 Need to start from the beginning? Chapter 1 Or just need to jump back a chapter? Chapter 4 안녕 여러분~ Thanks everyone for the support. Here's chapter 5 ^^ Enjoy an angsty chapter
D.O got back to the EXO dorm and stormed to Kai's and his room. After slamming the door, he threw himself into the bathroom. The boys were stunned for a second with confusion, but soon followed their friend into the bedroom.
"D.O?" Kai started, "where are you?""The bathroom" came a tender and soft voice. The shower started running and Suho shrugged indicating they should try talking to him.
" you want to talk about something?" Baekhyun pondered. "I-i don't know..."came that voice through the door. Kai walked up and flicked the lock on the door. He slowly opened it while poking his head in the frame. He saw D.O sitting in the shower -- with his pants still on -- and his head in his hands.
"Hey...what's up?" Chanyeol, the happy virus, followed Kai into the tiny bathroom, and turned the water off. D.O's face looked puffy meaning the water on his face wasn't just from the shower. "I...I am so stupid." The now 3 other boys in the room all glanced at each other. "No you're not. Don't tell yourself that." Suho urged. "B-but I am!" The boys waited this time. "She has fucking cancer! It's a brain tumor! Did you hear me? A fucking tumor in her brain! It's still in the early stages, but...but..."he yelled and trailed off. The boy's jaws dropped. They knew she was sick since she was from a program similar to Make-A-Wish, but they didn't know the extent of it.
"Hey, but you heard yourself. It's still in the early stages. Maybe she can pull through." Kai tried helping.
"No! Our manager told me she has been getting worse. The medicine isn't helping as of right now. So she's going to have to start treatments. And...her parents don't know how successful those will be. She only has a limited time left. Why?! Why did this have to happen to her? She is such an amazing person! She had a future. She was going to be successful!" D.O started convulsing his body softly as he cried.
"D.O..." Suho couldn't think of anything supportive to say.
"And me! I'm so fucking stupid. I'm going to hell for what I did to her." The 3 boys -- suho, chanyeol, and Kai -- looked at each other again. More heads were peering through the door frame. "I gave her a rough draft of our new album. You know...the one you all signed. And I also...I also gave her V.I.P tickets to our next tour. I am so stupid. I had totally forgotten." His cries were muffled again as he covered his face with his hands. "D.O, there's nothing wrong that you did. That sounds like a great present." Kai offered. Nobody knew what to say. "But she won't be able to come! She knew! She knew she might not make it to the next comeback! Oh my God. Oh my God. I don't want to lose her." He was starting to hyperventilate a little.
" about you just get some sleep right now? The main point the manager wanted from this was for you to have some time to rest." Suho told him. The boys helped lift D.O off the ground and stood him on the floor. Baekhyun threw a towel towards Kai who wrapped it around D.O. as Suho helped D.O out of his wet jeans. Chanyeol suddenly lifted D.O off the ground and carried him to his bed. Laying in only his boxers and a towel around his shoulders, some of the boys started to file out. Kai came over and fixed the blankets on him. D.O felt too numb to do anything.
"Get some sleep, now. Lauren is trying to take care of herself. You'll need to take care of yourself, too. Just know that all of us are here for you. Don't shut us out if you need help." Suho told him as he turned off the light and left D.O by himself. Kai would share a bed with Sehun to let D.O have a room to himself for the night. ----- The next morning D.O felt stiff. He got out of the bed and stretched. He looked at the clock and freaked when he saw it was already 10 in the morning. He quickly changed into shorts and a tee for practice and scurried out the bedroom door to see Chanyeol sitting in the lounge.
"Oh. You're up? Good! How do you feel?" He asked. "Where is everyone? Don't we have dance practice today?" D.O asked. "Yupp." "Then why are you still here?" "To make sure you eat breakfast and that you're feeling better." Chanyeol informed him while leading him to the dining table where his breakfast sat in front of him. Chanyeol sat across from him.
"Suho told the manager about you." Chanyeol dead panned. D.O's munching faultered for a second. " he mad at me?" "No! Of course not. We just want to make sure you're alright. So he was suggesting a mental health day."
D.O was pretty shocked by his manager. SM would never have allowed such a concept as a 'mental health day' for kris, luhan, or tao. Maybe they were learning how miserable the boys were feeling and trying to fix it so they wouldn't lose anyone else.
D.O's shoulders relaxed: "as good as that sounds...I think I should still work some." "D.O you need to take care of yourself. Take some time off. Think of yourself. It's been a long time since any of us have gotten a break around here; use yours wisely." Chanyeol told him.
D.O shuffled a little, curious of what he could do with all his extra time. A small smile started forming on his cheeks. "Okay...okay! I know. I'll just stay here and watch movies. Maybe watch some music videos. And I'll go buy groceries. And I'll make dinner for everyone!" D.O liked the idea of cooking, now, after he was re-introduced to it with Lauren.
He seemed so happy to go back to those stress-free days. Maybe meeting Lauren was the best decision he had made in a while.
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I'm so enjoying this it brought some tears to my eyes.