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Yeah, I know, I know, once again, I am a bit behind everyone else... BUT YO MY NEW APARTMENT IS LOOKIN SO FRESH YALL SHOULD COME BY. Ahem. Let's kick off this challenge properly!
WELL SHUCKS GUYS. Who is my Seventeen bias? ... My bias is...
S. Coups
Also Mingyu.
Wonwoo included.
Definitely Vernon.
Woozi all the way.
A bit of Joshua is required.
Dash of Dokyeom as well.
Jeonghan is a must.
Seungkwan is necessary.
Hoshi indeed.
With a sprinkle of Dino.
A gallon of The8.
Served with a fresh topping of Jun. . . . . . Yeah I know I have problems.
Indeed, I have a whopping 13 biases in Seventeen. This challenge will be LOADS FUN! I'm ready spaghetti. :^)
@CosmicCassidy the only time I had a bias is when I was new to Seventeen
@otakukpoper I don't know how it's emotionally or physically possible for people to not have all 13 members as their bias. I HAVE BEEN A CARAT SINCE 2015 DEBUT TIME AND I AM STILL STRUGGLING. But I guess I've coped with being so indecisive. Haha. It's not so bad.
I don't have one bias in Seventeen they are all my bias😅
they know