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Which characters am I like

I feel I am like goku in the respect of wanting to get stronger and better than before.
the next person I am like is hinata In being very shy and bashful and docile and very loving and caring.
the third person I am like is ichigo in which I will do anything to protect my family and friends and I feel that I have a Inner demon like him.
the fourth and final character I am like is naruto in which I feel that I am alone in this world and I have to fight for what I want it feels like and grew up without my mom but she isn't dead she moved away 7 or 8 years ago but she moved back to here but I live with my dad who has cared for me all my life and has never abandoned me once.
and thank you for reading my card
thank you @LadyLuna
Aw!! I wanna hug u now!! 😄
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